Thursday, January 27, 2011


I remember, just like yesterday, the day had started like any other. It was a Sunday, so the quietness in the neighbourhood was understandable. And then suddenly, I felt it. The vibrations and quaking of the ground. The noise of the windows slamming shut.

For a minute I thought Nigeria was experiencing her first earthquake. Running out, I noticed the bright lights in the distance. No... these weren't fireworks.

As I stood there watching, the man-induced evil was taking its course.

Lives of the innocent - men, women, children of all ages - were wasted, all because a few people, whom unfortunately have been mandated to safeguard lives and properties, had failed at their duty.

We may never know what really happened on that 'Black Sunday', but we would forever remember the future leaders, bread winners, benefactors and dependants, who for fear of the unknown, made unscheduled journeys to the land of no return.

It’s been 9 years, while many do not remember; those who lost loved ones continually say their prayers while others who have been rendered homeless count their losses. 

The question is, are the armouries safe now? Or have the bombs changed hands and locations for explosion?

Aren’t we all, as residents in Lagos and indeed Nigeria sitting on bombs that can explode at any moment?

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