Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's a Double!!!

*Now singing*
If you were born in October, stand up! Stand up!!
If you were born in October, stand up! And dance!!
(Chopping mouth) a – reeaaal reeaaal roses God bless you!!!

Wow... so I wanted to start this post with a catchy/inspirational line but there’s too much chicken in my system... yes, I’ve been trying to eat all day but since I inhaled too much of the aroma, the only appetite I have left is for chicken.

By now, I’m sure you can guess today is my birthday!
Huh? You didn’t know? Well too bad.
Now that you do, wotchu gonna do abourrit?

Gosh... I’m high on sugar!!!

Let’s go down Wisteria lane memory lane, shall we?
A year ago, I was X years old, now I’m X + 1 = X + 365days years old. Before you grab a calculator please finish the post!

*sips tonic water*

Ok, so this very day last year, I published my first post! It’s my BLOGVERSARY!!! So yeah, it’s double celebration. That day, I fell off the stairs too *sigh* but it’s all good, I didn’t break a leg, only a sole!
Like yesterday, I remember inviting what turned out to be you all to come feel my pulse. I wasn’t sure I was going to be getting comments, but it didn’t matter! For many months prior to that, I had followed Q Money and LG as they took us through marriage and everyday life respectively. Their blogs were my go-to place when work became boring or traffic too horrible!
Imagine the excitement when LG showed up to (in her words) ‘disvirgin the blog’, closely followed by Myne and from then on, the comments just kept coming, and so did the followers.
I’ve been here long enough to see people fall in love, accept proposals, plan weddings, get married, make babies, birth ideas, leave without contact details or saying goodbye yet, most of us are still keeping on. Between the sleepless nights in school, horrible bosses at work, horrific traffic and political hullabaloo, we all have kept each other sane. Thank you all for the love.

I know there are many more beautiful days ahead, I’m grateful for the inspiration for the 50 posts in this first year of the journey, my 72 known followers, the unknown passersby and anonymous audience. Thank you all for the e-mails, recommendations and criticisms.


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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baton for a New Race

ATTENTION!                               ATTENTION!!                              ATTENTION!!!

Please poke all those who went to bed singing Green Day's hit... wake them up, September has ended!

In case you're wondering; while you slept, we cried, played, sowed, talked, loved and hoped a little more.

Its October 1, the first day of the rest of our lives, a day we celebrate the beginning of the next 50 years as a nation. 50 years that once again present the options to either push for greatness or turn up the volume on complaint speakers!

As we begin the last lap in 2011, we remember our tears - over the loss of dear ones, over unfulfilled dreams, over the failures of a potentially great nation, over the many stumbling blocks we face on the pathway to prosperity.

We shed tears because our hearts feel pain but I invite you to come with me into the rain, let it wash away your grief, depression and disappointments. Let it wash away every cloud hindering you from seeing the way forward. Let it not just be rain, let it be SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS!

·         Pray with faith that victory is near.
·         Enjoy the gifts in your possession (life and loved ones).
·         Activate the CAN - DO spirit.
·         Cultivate the habit of praise.
·         Encourage others by doing the right thing first.

Be at PEACE with yourself, that's the only way you can help the nation pursue peace.

92 more days to the New Year. It’s enough time to get a new job, make a major breakthrough in your business, conceive an award winning idea, sow a seed of kindness, seek for forgiveness from the one(s) you've hurt, forgive the one(s) who've hurt you, fall in love, propose/accept a proposal to/from the one you love.

POSSIBILITIES... Endless possibilities abound. Tap into it for a brighter, better and befitting future or wait on the side line, murmuring and complaining of the things that have gone wrong. It’s your CHOICE, the FUTURE begins now.

Receive the baton of a new day, a new grace, a new path; take off into EXCELLENCE.

Happy Independence Day Nigeria (ns)!!!