Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching Up

Today, I am just hungry – for food, for knowledge, for work. The settling process in my new office is slow, they say it’s so one doesn’t become overwhelmed too quickly. I thought the honeymoon stage would be over, but no. Apparently, it isn’t. Ironically, I work till 8pm!
I know you all have dropped your jaws right now, I don’t understand it either. My tasks are time consuming not so mentally demanding – yet. I have been spending 14hours at work and I’m not complaining – yet.
I have become some sort of a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Champion; my Line Manager (LM) thinks it’s a soft landing while I get acquainted to the modus operandi of the real departmental business. I have also been on the research team, doing a lot of policy tweaking for the group business.
For knowledge, I continually seek. There’s a long list of trainings one can sign up for and I just keep going on endlessly – Credit, Change Management, People Management, Relationships/Marriage, Etiquettes, Salsa, Tango etc. Although, it’s not feasible that I get on all of the courses (there’s real work, meetings and deadlines to deal with) I look forward to getting on as many as I can.
For everyone who’s been asking, the days I spent in Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai have been some of the best days of this year. The different people, languages and religions, the beautiful malls, crappy food and; funny smell fragrances all added to the joys of the trip.
I feel very selfish because I won’t be sharing my pictures, but I hope I’m able to describe my experiences well enough for you to imagine.
I finally broke the jinx, I signed up at the gym! Yours truly is now on the fitness lane, we’ll see how far I can go in the months to come.
Thanks for sticking with me through my NEPA inconsistent appearances on blogosphere, I’m not promising to get better, let’s just join hands and go with the flow.

Special Thanks for the comments on the last post, I’ll get around to the replies soon. I know my sister is in a happy place now. God bless you plenty!