Friday, May 11, 2012

Create your own rules!

‘At your age, I had had you and all your siblings’!
By now you should be married with kids or in the least, have a steady relationship’!
‘You shouldn’t have to work for someone all your life, many of your classmates are now business owners’!
Words that depress some and make others cry. From mothers to peers and even strangers; people drawing the schedule for the lives of others!
WARNING: Do not use my watch to set your time!

There is enough pressure in the world, enough to make you lose your mind if you’re not determined. No one should ever be subjected to the catch up race. We all have goals we strive to achieve; asides from God and hard work, all other factors are relative.

It is sad to see how many people are driven off the cliff by standards set by a group of mostly faceless people. Young men and women trying so hard to conform just so they can fit into an already disjointed society!

We must look within ourselves and find what truly makes us happy and fulfilled. Most times, our friends and families do not understand what our innermost desires are. Do not be surprised if their actions, inactions or reactions all aim either consciously or unconsciously at sabotaging your goals.

Keeping up with the Joneses only leads to an endless rat race, the rat eventually gets eaten up by the cat! It is important to be abreast with what obtains in one’s area(s) of interest, infact identifying, understudying and learning from others is highly encouraged but know where to draw the line.

No two persons are exactly the same; while some go through life with ease, getting everything on a platter of gold; others have to put in a lot more effort. In the end, victory is all that matters but be careful of whom you allow to influence you.

No rule says you must be married at 30, girls are children too, we can’t all be size 10, not everyone would succeed as an entrepreneur, there’s life outside the oil industry, owning a house is good; but for some, renting an apartment is better! There is no universal scale for measuring success, or is there?

Traditions are belief systems created by a few people and transmitted from generation to generation, times are changing; don’t let irrelevant things hold you down! Success is achieved only after some rules (mostly norms) are broken, heck, some rules are made to be broken!

Serve God, work hard, improve your skills and personality, make good friends, be true to yourself and watch all things fall in place in the end.
Have a wonderful weekend!