Tuesday, March 8, 2011

TDH plus more

Once upon a time, TDH was the added advantage a guy needed to possess for him to be considered good enough to meet your ‘girlfriends’. That way you could have them roll their eyes, Hi5 you and go green with envy; even if in the end he’ll never meet the parents. Every girl wanted to arrive at the class reunion and wedding with the finest bloke; it was a ‘rep’ (reputation) soaring ingredient!
Those days are long gone. In today’s world of Oprah Winfrey inspired independent women, the qualifications have changed. Tall, dark and Handsome (TDH) is no longer award winning. Brains, personality etc have been added to the requirement thus making it almost as complex as rocket science.  After listening to countless disheartening stories of relationships gone sour, a single lady cannot but do herself the favour of ‘shinning her eyes’ before falling for a brother; biological clock or not.
Over the years, my friends and I have repeatedly trashed the issue of ‘qualities/requirements’. As you may have imagined, some qualities are popular/common such that any guy who didn’t have them was immediately struck out of the list of ‘prospective’.
HEARTistic matters have over the years defied the rules of the unwritten books; countless times we’ve seen couples and wondered what the ‘catch’ was/is. I personally know ladies who swore they couldn’t/wouldn’t be found with a particular guy only for them to drool over marry same dude thereafter.
With couples like Seal and Heidi Klum we’ve learnt that love is blind, Dare and Deola Art-Alade show that age is just concatenation of numbers, if you’re still wondering if celebrity unions work then you have met neither Olu and Joke Jacobs nor Tunde and Wunmi Obe... okay, I’ve digressed enough!

The point I’m trying to make is that like our DNA shows, we’re different from one another, not just in character but also in our taste/preferences for a significant other.
I do not expect anyone to understand my taste in men and I do not try to do same, hence, when I’m up and about checking my ‘shopping list’ in comparison to what the said guy is bringing to the table, it’s just because in the long run when you all are done with the hi5, I’m the one who has to manage whatever excesses/imperfection he has. Yes, imperfections. Everyone has them, I do too and at the end of it all, our ability to deal with those issues determine the success of the relationship.
So, what ‘features’ do you look out for? Which ones are must haves? Which ones can be compromised upon? I’ve got my shopping list ready; you’ll read about it in the next post, meanwhile I’m waiting to hear from you.