Friday, June 29, 2012

A. S. K.

Welcome back from the land of dreams. The good thing about dreaming is that although there’s minimal consciousness, it isn’t death; hence, you’ll snap out of it and get the opportunity to either make it a reality (depending on the dream) or leave it as a mirage!

In my last post, we journeyed with our mind’s eye, picturing the ideal future. The question however is, how intense is your desire to achieve your dream? Are you doing enough to change your life situation?
Don’t just sit back and wish; it’s time to get up and A. S. K.

A is for ASK... the good book says we do not receive because we have not asked! Ask for what? You may wonder... well, ask for anything and everything you want. I have heard people say, ‘oh, I was surprised he/she could give me, I never expected it at all’; that makes me wonder how the human mind works. How we just imagine we would be denied even without asking.

There’s a popular saying that ‘if you don’t play, then you can’t win’ this further lends credence to the fact that you shouldn’t be shy, scared or pessimistic if you truly desire something. Whether it’s a vacation, salary review or promotion – just ask! You’ve had feelings for that lady but you think she’ll turn you down – step up and ask first! You require mentorship, reference or contacts – brace up and ask before the opportunity passes by!

In asking, it’s important to be specific and strategic. Know what you really want and why you want it; it’s easy to get influence by the crowd (family, friends and foes) and lose sight of what is real. The danger here is you’ll keep asking for what you do not need; to avoid this, know yourself – where you’re coming from and heading to – and ask accordingly. Asking isn’t limited; it’s a verb that works with God and Man.
I want a consultancy job is quite different from I want a job with one of the big four - Specifics

S is for SEEK... when I was younger, my mum would say, P.E.T. go and bring my bag from the room and 8 out of 10 times, I’ll return minutes later without the bag. Now, it wasn’t always that the bag wasn’t in the room but it was probably not in the exact position she mentioned or expected it to be; so little me would quickly look in that position, not find it and rush back to her empty-handed! However, given a few seconds, she’ll go in, fish it out and wonder what was wrong with my eyes.

Now that’s what happens to most of us. We ASK for something, we’re denied or we can’t find it and we give up; forgetting that we can put a little more effort. As a child, my mind would usually be focused on the biscuit/chocolate I was to receive from that bag. I didn’t understand that the bag has to be found first. Likewise, many of us focus on the joys of succeeding without first putting in every effort – financial, spiritual, relationship, behavioural, developmental etc.

You want to reach the pinnacle of your career but you seek not to improve your skills, qualification, network, input etc? Are you kidding me?  No one gets to own/head a responsible, highflying corporation by having a pretty face and being a couch potato! Google, Wikipedia, the Yellow Pages, Twitter, real life people (online and offline), books etc, there are sources on everything under the sun – Seek them!

K is for KNOCK... There has been a lot of negative jokes about the ‘violence takes it by force’ syndrome; however there’s a positive way to use this – substitute violence for determination and resilience. There are people who would never give you what you SEEK until you deliberately ASK them; there are also those whom everyone writes off as proud but would surprise you with their kindness and humility if you’re brave enough to approach. Step away from the popular stand, your goal (and integrity) is all that should matter as you chase your dream.

Ignore the fact that he/she is an acclaimed Cruella de Vil, put up your best smile, activate diplomacy mode, stoop and you’ll conquer!
Have a nice weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Title?... What is the point?!

Its days like this that I pity the homeless, displaced and lost.  It’s been raining in Lagos since the beginning of the week – heavily too – thankfully, there has been no flood (or has there?).

Work’s uninteresting these days – receive notices of bids, run around to get the documents together, attend meetings in-between, follow up with colleagues to ensure every ETD is met, meet submission deadlines, knock them off at the presentation, get the contract and start the process all over again! Oh, I forgot to add get pissed off by colleagues and the She boss!

I’m tired of this script, I want to flip it out and shake it up to be – meeting with client in Manchester, lunch date with my favourite stylist afterwards, a quick stop to see Man Utd beat Chelsea/Arsenal/Man City at Old Trafford, celebrations afterwards, stay up in the hotel room the next day preparing charts and answering calls from my French boss who’s using a dictionary to translate every word. Then pack up my bag and head out to Sao Paolo to represent my office at the BRIC intelligence summit!

If you can't see me with the laptop having lobster, its because you aren't looking with your mind's eye! :P

I identify new opportunities and then the head office has to send in an entire team to set up an administrative office in Rio de Janeiro, for which, of course, I’m head! Fast forward a few months, I’m flying across continent to Milford Sound for a surprise birthday party for the love of my life. *dreamy eyes*

Dear Future Husband, can we add Milford Sound Lodge to the list of honeymoon spots? Thank you.

***Door opens and clients walk in***

 In case you’re still confused, that was me, earlier today, day dreaming as we (my boss and I) sat waiting for the M.D. of a particular company to arrive. My boss couldn’t be bothered about why I was so engrossed with my laptop; so I decided to share with you a little bit of what goes on in my head sometimes.

If it were up to me, I would have been at home, in bed with the remote in one hand, scooping chocolate ice cream with Eminem’s Go to sleep hitting from the stereo and  watching highlights of past  Olympics on TV with no volume! Hmmmm...

If you’re still wandering where I’m going with this post then you’ve missed the point. Blogging doesn’t always have to be serious, it’s Friday and I’ve let my hair down. You should too... afterall, YOLO!

BTW, I couldn’t think of a title so what you see up there is a question and well... the title.

Feel free to tell me a little about your dream job/future in the comment section!

Viva la vida!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been tagged severally for these rotations (isn’t that what they are?). There’s an excuse for not doing it sooner, I have been living in the real world where there are deadlines and contingencies.

Thanks to everyone who tagged me, I can’t remember everyone (covers face) but I remember those who hounded/hunted specifically came knocking on my door Toinlicious and SingleNigerian.
 Now that I’m here, see below:
1.    I love football... make that sports. I instantly become one of the guys on and off season; however, I’ll never go to a viewing centre just to see a match, NEVER!

2.    I love plantain ****PAUSE**** oh, I said it before? Really? Where?
Oh... here right?
That means you know the other things?! Let’s move on then,

The questions are:

1.    Last book I read: Insights to help you survive Peaks and Valleys by T.D. Jakes (It’s been a busy year for me, I have been reading this book for weeks now, not because I am that slow but because to really survive peaks and valleys you have to drop the book and actively pursue goals... and I have been doing that)

  1. If I could listen to any song for the rest of my life, right now it would be Each Tear by Mary J. Blige (it spoke to me in one of those phases and I have refused to let it go)

  1. Countries visited asides from my awesome country Nigeria would be NONE... yet!  (soon, I’ll set out to explore the world)

  1. If I could have any job in the world with all the resources I need, I would be a Counselor/Teacher. I just find peace and fulfillment in making others feel better!

  1. Why do I blog? I started because I wanted to improve on my writing. However, it’s beyond that now. I have realized that with this e-house of mine I can achieve Pareto Optimality!

  1.  How old am I?  Old enough to achieve any and everything I set my heart to (with the God factor ofcourse) and to take responsibility for my (re/in)actions.

  1. My favourite part of the opposite sex would be the brain, there’s just something sexy about a brilliant/witty/intelligent man!

  1. When was the last time I had relations? Please what does this mean? I wouldn’t like to assume I know what you were trying to ask so, my answer is, I’m not an only child. I have a closely knit nuclear family and a large extended family comprising of some gorgeous people I still haven’t met and some dramatic ones I don’t look forward to meeting. So there you have it – my relations!

  1. My least favourite food would be Pounded Yam. Infact I have NEVER eaten it!

  1. Do I have any pets?  Only in my name

  1. One thing I have been dying to tell you? Oh yes... Jesus still saves!

****THE END... well, until I found out I didn’t answer SingleNigerian’s questions, so here we go...

  1. Who started this thing biko? SN, let me know when you find out!

  1. What drives/motivates/pushes you in life the possibility of achieving that which is termed impossible

  1. If you could pick one place on earth to be at the moment you answer this question, who/where will it be Nygard Cay in the Bahamas

  1. What is your favourite blog, top blog online (Don’t lie, God is watching you) I don’t have a favourite, none provides a full doze of everything I move around to get!

  1. If God were to close his eyes for 10 hours and grant you a hall pass, what would you do with it? Still thinking... what would a single girl do with a hall pass? Especially one who calculates the long term implications of her actions... forget it, that thing wasn’t created for everyone!

  1. What makes you happy? (If you tell me God, I will swear for you. I said what, not who) SUCCESS

  1. Do you have a daughter? If yes, how old? NO

  1. Would you let your daughter marry my son? Keep in touch, I’ll revert in about 3 decades or less from now

  1. What is the one thing you wish for more than anything else. To make heaven, one shouldnt live in Nigeria  on earth and still end up in hell!

  1. At a scale of Hulk to worker ant, what do you do when you are angry? Fox! I strategize on ways to prove I’m above all the crap thrown at me – NOTE: this doesn’t include revenge!

  1. What is your favourite animal? Hen, for obvious reasons!

    Everyone has been tagged, so if you haven’t blogged for a long time, 
    jump on this and make a comeback!