Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Do not allow HORO to SCOPE you!

Have you noticed the new addiction in cyberspace? It’s the horoscope!  Years ago, you could have bet people just read those things in the Vanguard, Daily Times, Concord (what happened to these papers BTW? Gist for another day) laughed at them and moved on!
It’s quite different these days, not a few people now make it a/an daily hourly ritual to find out what the sun/moon is saying about their lives! Correct me if I’m wrong but since when did we become planet watchers, psychics and astrologers?
Before you argue about how right or wrong the predictions are, have you looked around  long enough to find out that as different as our DNAs are there are behavioural similarities we exhibit as we cohabit together either as family members, friends or even colleagues?
Similarities in our morals/belief systems; cutting across tribes and religions? Certain things happen based on pure coincidence. If I detest boastful people and you do too, it’s probably because we were brought up to understand the benefits of humility, why then would you sing praises to the astrologer who says it’s because you’re a Gemini or an Aquarius? For some of you who took psychology classes or even those who read Tim LaHaye’s ‘Why you act the way you do’ didn’t you deduce that the temperaments have features that cut across one another? Hence, the fact that you’re Sanguine doesn’t make you less of an ambitious person! Aren’t those temperaments actually developed through a combination of family background, upbringing, education, exposure etc? Why then do some people look to the moon and stars for instructions on how to live?

Young lady, that guy’s got a bright future not to talk of being TDH + more; why wouldn’t you date him? Ohhhhhh, Cancer moon opposes Pluto hence your Aries body can’t mix with a Pisces loving? #EpicFail! When your younger sister’s last child starts calling you grandma, the mist would clear from your glasses eye!

Let’s not get carried away by the tides of foolishness, if you must read those things, do, for the fun of it, don’t let them dictate what you can achieve or who you are; afterall you and I can cook up stories inspired by the many Hollywood movies we’ve seen. Live, don’t just exist and stop allowing ‘horo’ to ‘scope’ you (if you know what I mean)!
Finally, Librans like to make money, fall in love and live happily ever after! *yinmu* who doesn’t?!