Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Planking (Laying Out) My Thoughts

Disclaimer: If any part of this post is ambiguous or completely missing it’s because I’m blogging on the move, while trying to process official and personal thoughts.

It’s been a while since I last came here,
I almost don’t know why or maybe I just don’t care.
I am beginning to face the truth; I really can’t stay away forever,
Sweet or bitter, I’m ready for whatever,
If I get hurt I know I’ll recover.
It isn’t so bad all the time or maybe it is,
I have been hiding for so long,
Behind the wall I put up so strong.
It’s time to break it down and give it a try,
But wouldn’t I be creating room for people to pry?

*** 2 meetings and 3 hours later ***

The Israelites were so lucky *sigh*
There were simple signs everywhere,
Commandments on tablets to guide them,
Why can’t it be that easy anyway?
I’m tired of trying to figure it all out,
Maybe it’s time to take the plunge again,
If I succeed you all will be happy for me,
If I fall, I’ll pick something up and rise again,
Yes I’ll rise, I’ll rise, and I’ll always rise!

*** Back to the office ***

The world seems to be experiencing momentary imbalance the offshoot of which is seasonal madness expressed in different form. While I was trying to rap my head around windeck and comprehend Cabo Snoop’s style, he shot us with Prakatatumba. I still think that dance is a mockery of a feat of epilepsy; anyway, you all haven’t seen the last of crazy things.

This morning I woke up to ‘Planking’ all over my timeline. There’s no definition for it. It’s neither a sport nor an exercise. I guess people just need to burn excess energy. But then I hear it’s the Australians that came up with the name after the English invented it so I can imagine their brain was freezing over at the time.  For everyone who’s still wondering what Planking is...

*Pictures Courtesy Various Followers on Twitter

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sunshine Award

I just found out I am a recipient of the Sunshine award. Thanks to 9ja Great and Blessing; I’m still awaiting the cash that accompanies it though, I know the banks too are experiencing internet connectivity problems so I’ll be patient *wide grin*
I would like to also award the following people:
Lara – Shinning the light in the midst of all the clouds and hues of shadow can’t be easy. I respect you for retaining your sanity in a crazy world!
LADYGUIDE – My sweet sister, from the very first comment till now, thanks for being there to share the jokes!
9ja Great – All in one week, you’ve gotten a Hi 5!, 2 kisses and now a hug from me.
Chizy K – For satisfying my entertainment ‘amebo’ cravings
Samuel a.k.a. LDP – All the positive pressure you put on me just makes my writing better!
HoneyDame – We started this journey together and we would continue to share of success stories
Kemi (Till my dying day) – Marriage counselling with Practical examples at no cost – what more can a single sister ask for?

NaijaMum – enviable parenting skills, pertinent lessons to be learnt

Atilola – Soul sister, with all the love and spirituality shinning through, a vessel of honour you are, more grease (to your hair too, in its natural beauty *wink*)
EROInspirations – Keep sharing the word!
Gbemisoke – On and off blogsville, you know how we do.
9jaFoodie – Raising bride prices through culinary skills
Kitkat – Hilarious stuff you brew in that e-house of yours.
Anonymous – I’m not sure who you are but you make me happy everytime I think about the fact that someone outside the usual circle is patient enough to read and comment!
Lastly, to everyone who has stopped by, left a comment, followed, and even recommended this blog. Not forgetting those who have been inspired and have inspired me; the sun shines through on us as a reminder of the grace for a new day.
Thanks to you all for making me smile and for receiving the sunshine my blog brings!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Private Space: Keep Off

Sometimes I just want to put up a sign saying 'Private Space, Keep Off', probably put it up on the wall just above my chair in the office; unfortunately, there's no assurance people would respect it.

They seem to be everywhere these days. People whose stock in trade is to butt into other people's business. A lady has a right to her space, her time, her privacy.

The other day I rearranged my drawer at work. I moved the provisions to the top drawer; that's the one with the key. Files now occupy the last drawer.

Prior to now I had my stash of provision in the last drawer - biscuits, milk, sugar, corn flakes, cashew nuts etc. They were there to save me from starving on those days I get too busy to step out for lunch. I would freely share these things with those who ask, however recently, some people have been helping themselves to it just cause they know where to find it. They've become so confident that they emptied a 450g of milk in the 2 weeks I was away from work! Isn't taking someone's belonging without their consent stealing???

Provision pilfering is the least of it, there are space invaders everywhere - in church, even in the family. Big aunties and uncles who 'care' so much all they want to do is hook you up with one of the 'old boys'' son just so they can brag about it later! How dare they reel out the story of my life just because they were opportuned to be there when I was born?!

Oh Sister Church leader, yes you're the parish pastor's wife and your ministry involves caring for all; have you ever wondered if I’m in a relationship with someone outside the Parish???

If you're not sure you should have asked instead of assuming my love life needed intervention! So you've decided to 'collabo' with your husband and you think the cell leader is right for me? Haaa..... Good choice, he's a 'loaded', spirit-filled brother after all; but shouldn't you have told me before giving him my 'case file'?

Ahem... Bro Spirikoko a.k.a Cell/House fellowship leader; but why now? They gave you my number and you just called and started 'famzing'. Its 2011 oh and the rules have changed; you should have considered the fact that we've never said a word to each other in over 10years we've been at this parish; shouldn't the close to 20years age difference set off an alarm in your head? Anyways, just so you know, I’m not in need of a sugar daddy; please pass the message across to Parish Pastor and his wife!

These space invaders need to lose my contact fast, it’s becoming appalling.

Rant over, I’ve got to get back to work, have a fulfilling week y’all!