Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Holidays

They had just returned from the Sallah break that day, it was early September and a rainy day too, the girl from the adjoining office in her usual loquacious nature had come in to gist. Minutes later, they set out to Marina. Lady T wasn’t too eager to make the 15minutes walk but conceded only after her boss called in to say he would turn in late.

Off they went to the General Post Office and then the Bank; while she moved from desk to desk exchanging pleasantries, Lady T sat quietly in one corner doing all she could to avoid the stare of the afro spotting Teller behind the counter. Moments later they were back on the streets making their way back to the office when shouts of excuse me rang through; it was the afro guy from the bank.

Good morning, he said, almost breathless from the chase.
Yes, good morning, she responded in giggles.
Excuse me, can I talk to your friend, he asked, looking across her shoulder towards Lady T who was standing within earshot.
Me? Came her reply, a little bemused too.
Yes, you. I just want to introduce myself, do you work around here?
Getting a little uneasy she responded in the negative, gave him a rather vague excuse and began the return journey to the office, leaving her partner behind. Later that evening, an uninvited guest showed up at the office – it was him again, afro guy! That snitch had told him where she would be!
Against her wish, he walked her halfway home that day, telling her his life history and how he liked her appearance and would want to date marry her. Many more after-office-hours strolls later, defying the Aguda Vs Saro marriage taboo myth, they tied the knot on 29th December that year – yes, your calculations are right, 3 months after.
Over 3 decades later, Lady T and Afro guy are still happily married with yours truly and the rest of the Charlies Angels to show for it. And that is the end of my story.
Happy Anniversary to my parents!!!
Happy holidays to you all, thanks for sharing my thoughts through the year. Hope you all found your points of elevation during the year? If you didn’t, not to worry, delay is not denial, those goals can still be achieved, only if you do not give up.
Here’s to a more rewarding 2012.