Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Mutual Friend Rescue Marriage

What’s the word for that situation in which you think you have everything figured out and can therefore relax, and then suddenly something comes up and it’s like the reset button is on permanently?! Yeah… if you know it, tell a sister because that’s where I am right now.

I thought I found stability at the end of May, I slept well in June and looked forward to balling in July, then the surprise landed and it’s been a roller coaster ride since then! Don’t go eeya, aww on me… I’m actually enjoying it all, I’m happy even though I see a lot of late nights and early mornings  down the road, it’s what I wanted (I think) and right now I’m not complaining.

Yes… I know those two paragraphs have told you nothing but relax, it will unfold soon enough. Meanwhile, every other thing is still the same, 3rd mainland bridge is undergoing repairs, I still endure traffic by making up imaginary conversations and scenarios (sometimes), I’m still single and you’re still visiting this url!

As regards my singlehood (bad grammar), someone told me recently that I may be getting too comfortable in that arena; you know, a state where you can afford most things yourself, and where asides God and your family, there’s no one else to be accountable to.
I’ve thought about it long enough to know it’s both true and false; I’m gradually achieving all I’ve dreamt about and unconsciously raising the bar on certain things, however, deep down there, I know I want to be swept off my feet, fall in love, get married and live happily thereafter.

On the other hand, there’s no rush to these things, I therefore wonder why some people are suddenly trying to be more catholic than the pope. In other news, being single is expensive… gist for another day!

Quick question…
How does a mutual friend rescue marriage work? I heard a discussion in which people admitted that they have an arrangement/agreement with a close friend of the opposite sex, under which if at a certain age they were both unmarried, they’ll upgrade their friendship by getting married to each other?

Whether you believe it or not, there are groups of people with this agreement, and although it’s not written (hence not legally binding), they both agreed on a particular age. E.g. Theresa and Thomas have been ‘best-friends-forever’ for awhile and for some reason haven’t had successful relationships with anyone, they would both agree that to save themselves, when they both clock 30 and 33 respectively, they’ll walk down the aisle!

Personally, I think it’s strange. While I wouldn’t knock anyone for decisions they make, I’m curious as to why they both won’t venture into a relationship now if they are that close, and only consider each other good enough as last resort? Isn’t that just a union of pity?

If you’ve got answers for me, or you have such agreement in place, please share.

Finally, if you have the time, check out Chinese freestyle by 2face on youtube or on (it’s the 3rd song from the bottom of the page), I really don’t understand what was going on there with the language but its 2face… enjoy!