Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Living Healthy is Key

And finally a new week begins. We are back to normal programming! Last week was all sorts; ‘Valentine’s Day’ week must be the most pretentious all through the year! People going beyond their means to surprise/please their lover/spouse/friend with benefit.
While I have nothing against those who believe in idolising the day and concept, I respect those who are truly in love and show it irrespective of season! And by show it, I mean, respect, care for, cater to and stay faithful to their partners.
That being said, I still look forward to the babies that’ll arrive between October and December; I’ll be ready with my knowing look for the parents. You can be sure they are products of Occupy Nigeria stay home and valentine’s week!
Moving on...
Now that the lover’s day celebrations have winded up and the chocolate/cake boxes are empty, how many of you have made plans to get yourselves checked for the first quarter? No one? *smh*

It’s more likely that people worry about the possibility of adding one dress size or more after all the merriment without even taking into consideration the effect on their health. It’s no longer news that people who are seemingly happy and fit can collapse during the least stressful activity and consequently pass on, why then do we pay more attention to our fashion statement and bank statement while our health takes the back bench?
When last did you get yourself examined? Blood pressure, blood sugar, dental checks, and for you in Nigeria, malaria, typhoid? Do you conclude you’re fit just because you multitask; combining work, education and home making? Do you even know that your exercise regime, no matter how strictly you adhere to it doesn’t preclude you from certain ailments?
Ladies, have you ever done a Mammography? Or do you find such process intrusive to your privacy? In that case do you do the monthly physical examination?  Do you know that exercising may help you keep in shape; but it doesn’t reduce your blood sugar level?
Medical doctors advice that certain tests be taken quarterly, half yearly and others yearly from a particular age. They say it’s important to also identify ailments that are hereditary in one’s family and begin to guide against them early. An example of such is diabetes and hypertension.
If there’s any ailment one or more relations from the generation(s) before you are battling, it would only be wise to have yourself checked. You may come out with a clean bill of health and then embark on the journey of prevention; if not, you’re better off knowing and managing it before it gets out of hand.
Cost is one major reason people shy away from these tests, however, they really do not cost an arm and a leg. Most companies have HMO plans for their employees; don’t just decorate your wallet/purse with the card. Plan a visit to the hospital, get checked, ask questions and start living healthy.
Go a step further, make friends with doctors (they are everywhere, even on twitter), eat right, exercise and do not forget, when it comes to your life and health, all the wealth you’re working so hard to amass would mean nothing if you drop dead or become incapacitated.
N.B: if you’re a medical practitioner or dietician and you’ll like to do a guest post on healthy living, please send an email to the.pet.projects@gmail.com

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Certainly, Its Over!

Can someone please get me an application that’ll scribble down my thoughts through the day so I can posts frequently? Please...
There’s always a new idea for a blog post every now and then, but I’m probably in some meeting, walking through the crowded streets of Lagos Island or half asleep. The workload during the day is overwhelming I hardly have time to eat let alone prepare a proper post; I know this is bad blogging behaviour but what do I do?
My day starts as early as my eyelids open – put that somewhere between 4am and the next o’clock – and between that time and 10.30pm, I’m involved in one energy sapping or mentally tasking activity or the other.
I want to stop blogging all together because I’m not sure this workload is going anywhere until at least August next year but I love it here; so again I ask, what should I do?
In the midst of all this I realise the reason this is proving tough is because of the OVER syndrome. Once upon a time, I was in a group discussing SWOT analysis. I mentioned that my weakness was the perfectionist syndrome and everyone practically laughed and ‘commended’ me. I didn’t think too seriously of it until a friend recently mentioned it. For me, it’s okay to ignore the comments of random people but when someone who should know you a little more points out a trait – in this case a flaw, then work must be done.
It is important to be thorough/detailed/meticulous at work and in daily decision making, but when the word ‘OVER’ (overanalyse, over scrutinize etc) shows up too many times, there may be trouble. While I do not have problems with meeting deadlines and producing excellent results, I am almost never satisfied with the face value of anything. I always want to think decisions through over and again, creating many more options than needed.
A clear example is the previous paragraph, one of the words in red would have sufficed, but my brain thought up about 5, I ended up typing those 3 just so you see what I mean. The end result is a body that never gets enough rest because its operating system (the brain) is constantly multitasking!
Going forward, I plan not to ‘over – anything’... well, as long as it’s not a life-changing/destiny-altering decision; I can’t jump right in just like that or what do you think?

Note: SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.