Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Exit 2010 -----> Enter 2011

The Year 2011 is finally here. As usual, the crossover was amidst jubilations and colourful displays, at least for most people. I'm happy to be here, living unaided... I mean unaided by technology (remember Late President Yar' Adua this time last year) but definitely by my creator's grace.

The year 2010 was highly anticipated many years before the millennium started, I remember Vision 2010 and the likes from as far back as 1999. One doesn’t need a statistician to know Nigeria failed in realising the goals so widely publicised in the dailies.

I am not one to make New Year resolutions, I write prayer points instead, it’s a reflection of my faith and how I continually wish to live my life. Each of these prayer points represent goals I work smart to achieve.

Its 100% of 50 – 50 for me... for each item on the list, I pray earnestly for what I want (the first 50) and then, I work towards achieving them (the other 50). While praying, I study the scriptures and sometimes fast (that is, if my body, workload and energy level permits, make person no go *kpeme)... that to me, is 100%.

In working smart, I make a *SMART plans and try all available alternatives so that in the end, even if I do not hit the mark, I would have satisfied my conscience that I did all I could.

Year 2010 was not exactly how I hoped it would be, I lived a lot on HOPE... on COURAGE and then with DETERMINATION.

I had called it year two thousand and thanks... as I look back at the various moments... I am indeed thankful.

Thankful for the lifestyle changes I finally made
Thankful for now, more than ever, I know who I am... and who I want to be
Thankful for the disappointments... they helped me become more determined
Thankful for my family, friends and foes...
Thankful for every minute I spent making someone else happy

During the Christmas celebrations, I wasn’t even sure what to expect or look forward to in 2011, but now I know...

I remember the *Yoruba adage...

Apé kó tó jeun kii je bajé
Direct translation: He who eats late, would not eat spoilt food.
Actual translation: The patient dog eats the fattest bone.
(It is more profitable to exercise patience while seeking a durable solution, in difficult situations than to hastily accept an ill-conceived solution)

Ení bá dami sí wájú, á te ile tútu
 Direct translation: He who pours water on the floor would walk on a wet/cool ground.
Actual translation: You shall reap what you sow

Subsequently, I have concluded that all I did in 2010 was SOW... the seeds of kindness, love, hard work and plenty of sacrifice.

As expected, after SOWING comes REAPING... and considering the many seeds I have sown, the HARVEST must be BOUNTIFUL. So much that there will be enough to go around for me to INVEST in other people...

It is with this in mind that I say...

 Welcome To Year Two Thousand and ELEVATE!

*Kpeme = pidgin word for die
**SMART plan = acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-based
***Yoruba= a language spoken predominantly in the South West of Nigeria


LG said...


babe u kno i deserve an award for being ur 1st commenter dis yr shey??

Naijamum said...

.....Love 'Year two thousand and ELEVATE!!!
I like that and I'll definitely be using it as a motivational mantra all through the year - shey u no mind? *smile*
Regarding reaping this year: I pray you shall reap plentiful blessings. Your reality will surpass your wildest dreams. Our Lord will overwhelm you with blessings and YOU will be a living testimony to the power of true FAITH and good deeds! Amen. Amen. Amen

P.E.T. Projects said...

LG: No wahala, I'll start working on it, u truely deserve it.

Naijamum:I dont mind at all... there's power in the tongue so confess all u want!
To ur benedictions, I say Amen, Amen and Amen.

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!

Am thankful to be GOD.

Amen to ALL our prayers in this year 2011.

Prism of an immigrant said...

Happy new year.

I hope you reap a bountiful harvest this year.

I'm with Naijamum, I'm also stealing the two thousand and elevate mantra. It's so motivational.

Blessing said...

Happy New Year!!!

I'm so feeling two thousand and ELEVATE!!!! Woohooo, let's go there!!!

You'll indeed reap a bountiful harvest *hug*

Fluffycutething said...

Happy new year babes.....

lani said...

"Welcome To Year Two Thousand and ELEVATE!"

I like that!!!

happy new year

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

Happy new year. I really love that adage it is so true.

P.E.T. Projects said...

NG: Amen, Amen and Amen

Prism: Go on, use it, get inspired and achieve great things

Blessing: thanks dear *hugs*

Iani: ...and ELEVATE we shall

Ibifiri: the yoruba language is so deep, there's an adage for almost every situation

P.E.T. Projects said...

Fluffy: Happy new year.. how are da boys

Uzezi said...

happy new year. all round elevation

T.Notes said...

Happy new year!!!And update this blog already!lol!

miss.fab said...

Two thousand and elevate! Loving the sound of that. I missed the memo that '10 was the year to sow o.... Well never too late to start I guess. Happy new year. First time over here :)

2cute4u said...

Happy New year dearie and praying that the very best be yours this year,now and ever.

2cute4u said...

Happy New year dearie and praying that the very best be yours this year,now and ever.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Miss. Fab: its not too late to sow and i know u'll reap abundantly too.

2cute4u: Amen. Thanks

Uzezi: Yes oh.. all round!

T. Notes: Happy new yr... and i've updated. *wink