Friday, May 6, 2011


I love movies... I can’t even begin to explain how much I love movies. One of the reasons I can stay home for an entire week without going even as far as my gate is because of movies.
I really enjoy seeing movies at home. That way, I can rewind as many times as I want just to enjoy a joke over and over again; I can also identify the actor/director’s mistakes and well, it’s cheaper! *wink*
There’s just something about seeing movies in the comfort of your house. It’s better than the cinemas; there’s no one disturbing you with BB noise, no one chewing gum aloud, you’re not distracted by the couple practising the kiss they’ve just seen in the movie and definitely no one laughing 5 minutes after everyone else saw the funny scene!
Don’t get me wrong, I go to the cinemas sometimes, especially when I need to get the full effects of a movie (e.g. 2012, Avater, Blood diamond) but most times, I see the movie even before it starts to show at the cinemas... don’t ask me how! It’s not easy to start explaining how to get down the load.
I have my movies on the go – at least 3 on my phone at any given time and over 100 on my external hard drive still waiting to be watched. When I’m not tweeting or reading, my movies help me through traffic.
A simple drama isn’t just enough; there must be something thought provoking about the plot (Inception, Shutter Island), the suspense should make your heart race (88 minutes); the characters must make you want to watch it again (Prison break).
Criminal plots/detective stories are my favourite. I just get really excited at solving the puzzle in my living room before *Michael Scofield or Agent Jason Gideon or Charlie Duchamp find the answers on the screen. In my mind, I’m a profiler; hopefully someday I might get into the behavioural analysis unit of the FBI. Even if I don’t, there’s no harm in increasing one’s IQ is there?
I love Tyler Perry’s works a great deal. He always has a serious message to pass along hence whether he’s dressed as hilarious grandma Madae or fine husband Terry Brock, you’re sure to learn a thing or two. His choice of soundtrack is always on point too and if you’re looking for a family based drama with an input of the God factor then you know where to look.
I’ll leave you with ‘Each Tear’ by Mary J. Blige. Its dedicated to Kitkat, I pray you shake off your worries and conclude your preparations for the exams on Monday. Best of luck.

*lead acts from Prison break, Criminal minds and Breakout kings respectively.
P.S: please let me know what your favourite movies are


The Corner Shop said...

A kindred spirit!! I love movies too. There is nothing better than a quite saturday- food on my right, remote on my left, AC on, blanket covered and my eyes glued to a good Thriller. Shutter Island and Inception are WHOA!!!


Myne Whitman said...

I love movies too, lol at being a profiler for FBI, my best shows here are the forensic ones too, CSI, NCIS, etc.

os said...

Movies and I - it depends. But thrillers are not good for my heart pressure. The anxiety! No-no.

My husband loves Tyler Perry’s works so we have a stash of it. Is it just me or there's a lot of singing in them?

kitkat said...

Lol you're really a movie addict! and you shld let us know how u get to watch movies before they hit the cinema :P
i personally prefer watching series to movies jst cos they're longer and i cld spend days watching as each twist unfolds lol.
Thankyou so much for the song, i feel much better and i appreciate it :)

Blessing said...

I not crazy about movies but i prefer watching them at home also!

T.Notes said...

Luvs Tyler Perry Too,and that song did me some good!

P.E.T. Projects said...

Adiya: I must have seen Shutter Island about 6 times already and each time, I make a different conclusion!

Myne: Yes, I forgot to mention CSI... i love the intelligence on display

Os: Tyler Perry sure loves song... good songs I must say.I guess you watch only romantic plot abi?

Kitkat: Im glad u feel better, I know u'll do well in the exam.

Blessing: Yay to 'home theatre'

T.Notes: Im glad you like the song.

A-9ja-Great said...

You really do love movies,it's obvious like that! Nice though! I like the analyses you gave and the examples you used,they make so much sense.

RemiRoy said...

@Hmm, we have quite a lot in common. I'm a romcom person, But I enjoy any kind of movie tho.
Plus I absolutely love the 'Each Tear' video. And Mary's Jacket rocks right there! lol

P.E.T. Projects said...

9ja Great: Im glad you liked the examples and yes, i do love movies!

RemiRoy: Yes dear, asides from Dodo (LOL) we do.
I though I was the only one that noticed the jacket.

os said...

No to romantic plot and all them chick flicks... Some can be boring. I just like drama without a lot of suspense like action thrillers.

Anonymous said...

I like movies so much...can stay indoors all day...but i am kind of losing interest over the years because of no time on my side and the constant black out....and also the pirated DVDS from the ALABA INTERNATIONAL B-O-YS are an eye-sore! Jeez! those guys have rubbished season films ehn?! Getting an original DVD is like looking for a needle in a haystack o! :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ibhade: True! Alaba boys have caused real gbege for the industry.

Toinlicious said...

first time here and loving it already. ok, im a certified movie addict and i also c dem before they hit cinemas *covering face* isohunt was my thing but i'm soo checking out bt junkie right now! thanx babes