Monday, June 18, 2012


I have been tagged severally for these rotations (isn’t that what they are?). There’s an excuse for not doing it sooner, I have been living in the real world where there are deadlines and contingencies.

Thanks to everyone who tagged me, I can’t remember everyone (covers face) but I remember those who hounded/hunted specifically came knocking on my door Toinlicious and SingleNigerian.
 Now that I’m here, see below:
1.    I love football... make that sports. I instantly become one of the guys on and off season; however, I’ll never go to a viewing centre just to see a match, NEVER!

2.    I love plantain ****PAUSE**** oh, I said it before? Really? Where?
Oh... here right?
That means you know the other things?! Let’s move on then,

The questions are:

1.    Last book I read: Insights to help you survive Peaks and Valleys by T.D. Jakes (It’s been a busy year for me, I have been reading this book for weeks now, not because I am that slow but because to really survive peaks and valleys you have to drop the book and actively pursue goals... and I have been doing that)

  1. If I could listen to any song for the rest of my life, right now it would be Each Tear by Mary J. Blige (it spoke to me in one of those phases and I have refused to let it go)

  1. Countries visited asides from my awesome country Nigeria would be NONE... yet!  (soon, I’ll set out to explore the world)

  1. If I could have any job in the world with all the resources I need, I would be a Counselor/Teacher. I just find peace and fulfillment in making others feel better!

  1. Why do I blog? I started because I wanted to improve on my writing. However, it’s beyond that now. I have realized that with this e-house of mine I can achieve Pareto Optimality!

  1.  How old am I?  Old enough to achieve any and everything I set my heart to (with the God factor ofcourse) and to take responsibility for my (re/in)actions.

  1. My favourite part of the opposite sex would be the brain, there’s just something sexy about a brilliant/witty/intelligent man!

  1. When was the last time I had relations? Please what does this mean? I wouldn’t like to assume I know what you were trying to ask so, my answer is, I’m not an only child. I have a closely knit nuclear family and a large extended family comprising of some gorgeous people I still haven’t met and some dramatic ones I don’t look forward to meeting. So there you have it – my relations!

  1. My least favourite food would be Pounded Yam. Infact I have NEVER eaten it!

  1. Do I have any pets?  Only in my name

  1. One thing I have been dying to tell you? Oh yes... Jesus still saves!

****THE END... well, until I found out I didn’t answer SingleNigerian’s questions, so here we go...

  1. Who started this thing biko? SN, let me know when you find out!

  1. What drives/motivates/pushes you in life the possibility of achieving that which is termed impossible

  1. If you could pick one place on earth to be at the moment you answer this question, who/where will it be Nygard Cay in the Bahamas

  1. What is your favourite blog, top blog online (Don’t lie, God is watching you) I don’t have a favourite, none provides a full doze of everything I move around to get!

  1. If God were to close his eyes for 10 hours and grant you a hall pass, what would you do with it? Still thinking... what would a single girl do with a hall pass? Especially one who calculates the long term implications of her actions... forget it, that thing wasn’t created for everyone!

  1. What makes you happy? (If you tell me God, I will swear for you. I said what, not who) SUCCESS

  1. Do you have a daughter? If yes, how old? NO

  1. Would you let your daughter marry my son? Keep in touch, I’ll revert in about 3 decades or less from now

  1. What is the one thing you wish for more than anything else. To make heaven, one shouldnt live in Nigeria  on earth and still end up in hell!

  1. At a scale of Hulk to worker ant, what do you do when you are angry? Fox! I strategize on ways to prove I’m above all the crap thrown at me – NOTE: this doesn’t include revenge!

  1. What is your favourite animal? Hen, for obvious reasons!

    Everyone has been tagged, so if you haven’t blogged for a long time, 
    jump on this and make a comeback!


Toinlicious said...

"One shouldn't live in Nigeria on earth and still end up in hell!" This had me in stitches but it is soo true. After all this madness biko, heaven ni straight.

Never had pounded yam ke? *sreams* 9ja foodie!!! Where are you??

P.E.T. Projects said...

Toin, I never liked it. From mere looking at it, i wasnt just interested!

@ilola said...

You have never eaten pounded yam? That is so strange. Abeg try it before you die o, you don't know what you are missing.

How do you know that you don't like it if you have never eaten it? Dey there, dey deceive yaself.

Blessing said...

Lol...I've missed you posts!!!

You'd be an awesome counselor!!!

LMBO @ the answer to the relations question...tewwww funny!!!

Can't believe you've never eaten pounded yam, you've got to be kidding me!!!!...It used to be one of my favs until my metabolism got stuck on slow :(

Omg, I wanna go to the Bahamas too!!! Actually thought of it today :):):)

Comparing Nigeria to Hell..hahaha...I'm getting u!


Wait, you've never eaten pounded yam ke? Are you sure you are a Nigerian? I dont think so. lol.
I am sure after you eat it, you will have a different judgement of it. It'd straightway jump up the ladder in your food ranking; trust me.

You blog to improve your writing? That's lovely. That's like one unique reason for blogging I've seen in ages.

Blessings to you :)


Luciano said...

the going to hell after living in nigeria part is so true.
i dont like pounded yam too and you need to see the look people give me when i say that.
its been a loooooong time, nice reading your post again

SNM said...

Finally!!! I still say, any reference to pounded yam, has me thinking plenty.
*now smiling*

'Lara said...

How can you say you have never eaten pounded yam...hope you dont eat semo oh because of you do, then you are seriously missing out on pounded yam...'Iyan and efo riro'.

Myne Whitman said...

This was a bit difficult to read cos of the background, but abeg, eat some poundo soon so you won't miss too much :)

Congrats on your award.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Myne, Im so sorry, forgot to switch colours while transfering from MS Word.

Lara, I'll rather eat wheat or eba, i just assume pounded yam is heavy (from the looks).

SNM, come here let me sprinkle some holy water on you, we need to purify that mind of yours.

Luciano, I dont know why they make so much noise about yam without salt!

LDP, yes. That was the real reason I started blogging, I wanted to be able to look back and say, i've become better with the use of words.

P.E.T. Projects said...

@ilola, no interest whatsoever, i cant even be bothered!

Blessing,the pictures of that place are breathtaking... paradise!

Che said...

Everyone seems to be surprised that you don't eat pounded yam. LOL..I understand jare, I eat the original one i.e the yam is boiled and pounded, but I don't like the poundo yam flour. It just doesn't taste right. I also don't like semo. :-)..Just like you, i find intelligence to be really sexy. Nice knowing more things about you.

LOL @ SN #1

sugarspring said...

LMAO!!...i get u...sometimes pounded yam looks as if it could choke you..hehe obvious reasons??..lool..omg!!
awww..EAch tear was a lovely song, one of MJB's best as far as im concerned..a friend told me to listen to it one time(due to my love for music) and i loved the lyrics!!
but see me naw oo ehn...i think i discarded it one time like that!...smh!

lovely knowing more abt u P.E.T projects

*Michael Onobote* said...

How come no one noticed how you didn't answer Question 6. LOL! Welldone ehn!

Please eat pounded yam for a try one of these days. I hear there's a good joint in Obalende that does it right. ;-) Don't ask me how I knew.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Che, I dont take any - neither originally pounded nor yam flour derived!

Sugarspring, im glad im not the only one who know good lyrics... not all the hate and swear words we hear on radio these days!!!

Micheal!!! COnfess, you've been bukateria hopping abi?