Friday, June 29, 2012

A. S. K.

Welcome back from the land of dreams. The good thing about dreaming is that although there’s minimal consciousness, it isn’t death; hence, you’ll snap out of it and get the opportunity to either make it a reality (depending on the dream) or leave it as a mirage!

In my last post, we journeyed with our mind’s eye, picturing the ideal future. The question however is, how intense is your desire to achieve your dream? Are you doing enough to change your life situation?
Don’t just sit back and wish; it’s time to get up and A. S. K.

A is for ASK... the good book says we do not receive because we have not asked! Ask for what? You may wonder... well, ask for anything and everything you want. I have heard people say, ‘oh, I was surprised he/she could give me, I never expected it at all’; that makes me wonder how the human mind works. How we just imagine we would be denied even without asking.

There’s a popular saying that ‘if you don’t play, then you can’t win’ this further lends credence to the fact that you shouldn’t be shy, scared or pessimistic if you truly desire something. Whether it’s a vacation, salary review or promotion – just ask! You’ve had feelings for that lady but you think she’ll turn you down – step up and ask first! You require mentorship, reference or contacts – brace up and ask before the opportunity passes by!

In asking, it’s important to be specific and strategic. Know what you really want and why you want it; it’s easy to get influence by the crowd (family, friends and foes) and lose sight of what is real. The danger here is you’ll keep asking for what you do not need; to avoid this, know yourself – where you’re coming from and heading to – and ask accordingly. Asking isn’t limited; it’s a verb that works with God and Man.
I want a consultancy job is quite different from I want a job with one of the big four - Specifics

S is for SEEK... when I was younger, my mum would say, P.E.T. go and bring my bag from the room and 8 out of 10 times, I’ll return minutes later without the bag. Now, it wasn’t always that the bag wasn’t in the room but it was probably not in the exact position she mentioned or expected it to be; so little me would quickly look in that position, not find it and rush back to her empty-handed! However, given a few seconds, she’ll go in, fish it out and wonder what was wrong with my eyes.

Now that’s what happens to most of us. We ASK for something, we’re denied or we can’t find it and we give up; forgetting that we can put a little more effort. As a child, my mind would usually be focused on the biscuit/chocolate I was to receive from that bag. I didn’t understand that the bag has to be found first. Likewise, many of us focus on the joys of succeeding without first putting in every effort – financial, spiritual, relationship, behavioural, developmental etc.

You want to reach the pinnacle of your career but you seek not to improve your skills, qualification, network, input etc? Are you kidding me?  No one gets to own/head a responsible, highflying corporation by having a pretty face and being a couch potato! Google, Wikipedia, the Yellow Pages, Twitter, real life people (online and offline), books etc, there are sources on everything under the sun – Seek them!

K is for KNOCK... There has been a lot of negative jokes about the ‘violence takes it by force’ syndrome; however there’s a positive way to use this – substitute violence for determination and resilience. There are people who would never give you what you SEEK until you deliberately ASK them; there are also those whom everyone writes off as proud but would surprise you with their kindness and humility if you’re brave enough to approach. Step away from the popular stand, your goal (and integrity) is all that should matter as you chase your dream.

Ignore the fact that he/she is an acclaimed Cruella de Vil, put up your best smile, activate diplomacy mode, stoop and you’ll conquer!
Have a nice weekend!


DiDi said...

I love this Post..

P.E.T. Projects said...

Glad you do DIDI

stelzz said...

Very Apt. I can totally relate with this post presently.

sugarspring said...

c'est bon madame
very lovely post and informative too

'Lara said...

I must give you a hug when I get to Nigeria...thank you for this.

Ginger said...

From someone who has often received kindness from known "Cruella da Villes" I can relate to this post well.
Don't believe all you hear. Do you.

Toinlicious said...

Oh yea hi5. Love this post. We assume too much

*now running off to bed*

HoneyDame said...

I am a living testimony to the "ask". This last semester, I had trouble with almost all my classes. I had a certain CGPA that I wanted to graduate with. When my final results came in, I was short of my target by 0.01. I was so sad. MY sister then asked me to just talk with one of my lecturers...I sent him an email, asking him to kindly review my work for the semester. I sort of explained my predicament. He didnt even sweat it. He put me up by a grade...and that was it. While this in itself may not be a big deal to others, it taught me a major lesson about life. Sometimes, all it takes is just to ask......really, it can be that simple.

jhazmyn said...

since i heard the words "the worst they would say is no" , I've learnt to muster courage in tough situations and just ask...and as much as I've heard NO a few times, I've also heard YES.

Thanks for this post and the reminder to continue pushing for our dreams

N.I.L (Naijamum in London) said...

Really lovely post
I particularly like the part when you mentioned 'asking for specifics'
So true.
Again, determination can never be underestimated. Sometimes, persistence and charm the most hard hearted


In asking, it’s important to be specific and strategic.
In seeking, put effort towards continuous improvement.
In knocking, be determined and resilient.

Thank you ma. You're a blessing. I loved every bit of this.



@HoneyDame ma, thank you for that wonderful testimony. It blessed me. It costs nothing to ask but it could cost dearly to keep mute.

Blessings :)


P.E.T. Projects said...

Stelzz, been a min, trust you're good?

Sugarspring, thanks.

"Lara, I shall look forward to the visit :D

Ginger, I have learnt how to turn the hearts of Cruella de vils to my favour - God works wonders!

Toin, unfortunately we do, however, its not too late to change things

P.E.T. Projects said...

Thanks HoneyDame for sharing your testimony. I hope everyone in difficult situation can pick a lesson or two on resilience/persistence and faith.


P.E.T. Projects said...

Very true Jhazmyn, the worst they'll do is say NO , but we keep pushing for YES!!!

NIL, I agree, the woman in the bible got what she wanted by repeatedly asking the judge! Kids know that trick too... the ask, ask and ask until Mummy/Daddy buys that which they desire.

LDP, I like the way you have summarised it. Thank you!

mykey said...

This post puts awakens the 'doubting' mind. It is safe to say that whatever one wants or desires is within the grasp of our ability. Like the NIKE motto espouses: "Just do it."

A-9ja-Great said...

It jes occurred to me that the acronym of what Jesus said in the new testament comes out as ASK.Very nice post.This is actually a simply but elusive fact when it comes to getting things.If you don't Ask,Seek or Knock,things don't work.This brings me to Newtons law of motion that states that "A body will continue at its place of rest until acted upon by an external force".Things won't work unless there's an action.

Mbabazi said...

word. i love this post...ive missed your blog...

Fluffycutething said...

Word in due season indeed!!

Fluffycutething said...

Word in due season indeed!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, it is very timely for me... hmmm

dayor said...

Thanks for sharing dear...thanks again. Just what I needed to hear

Che said...

WORD, WORD & more WORD. Thanks for the reminder to keep ASKing.

@ilola said...

How did I miss thins post?