Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blogfest: Lessons from the A - Z Challenge

If you do blog rounds as often as some people *side eye, then you probably would have noticed there’s a blog fest going on. It’s called the A – Z challenge. If you join in the fest, you’re expected to put up posts using the alphabets of the English language in chronological order. When you’re done, you’d have put up 26 posts... impressive huh? Yes, and it’s all for the month of April.

Thumbs up to Myne Whitman and Great 9ja Man. They’ve been consistent thus far – a round of applause for them please... *Oya, you two, take a bow and pose for the cameras!

Okay, Okay, enough of the paparazzi...

While trying to keep up with them as they take this challenge, I wonder if they realise it’s also a test and if they complete it within the time frame, they would have proven to us how consistent and dedicated to a cause they can be.

In life, it’s usually not the achievements that come with prices and plaques that bring the greatest fulfilment, but the ones that impact the lives of others and bring joys that cannot be fully described by mere spoken words.

For some reason also, I’ve patiently waited for some letters, namely, Q and X. Not because there aren’t words starting with them but because they have reduced frequency of usage.

Thus far, while I await the post with X, I’ve been impressed by Q.

The lesson in this for me is that, in life, some characters would be passive; this is not enough reason to underestimate their value. By characters, I mean people, skills/abilities and talents.

There would be that one classmate/colleague/neighbour that isn’t exactly the most eloquent or outspoken in the group. Slow down, be patient and find out what makes them special, you’ll never know what you can learn. While at it, discretion is needed so you do not end up befriending the neighbourhood psycho or even infringing on the person’s private space.

Finally, if you look within yourself, there’s that talent, an innate ability you carry around untapped. It might just be the link to that big breakthrough you’ve been praying for and in the end you’ll find out it’s been in you all along.

ü  I wonder what’s going on with ROC NAIJA. I know he stopped blogging a long time ago but he still did his blog rounds until recently. I miss his comments.
ü  I miss QMONEY too, I guess taking care of a baby is a full time job.
ü  For a compilation of pidgin proverbs, if you haven’t already, please visit NAIJAMUM.
ü  I found out Sugarkingg moved his hilarious self from to Check out his beats too, music production has gone from hobby to business for him.


P.E.T. Projects said...

Dear Daughter of her king,

I've been trying to leave a comment on ur posts (wordpress), but its not working.
Could you please check your settings and see if there's something you need to rectify?


Fluffycutething said...

Hello you.... U doing ok?

P.E.T. Projects said...

Fluffy darling, Im good. How are the boys... and work?

Roc said...

Someone referred to me as 'Casper' recently.. A friendly ghost that's rarely seen but always there.

Appreciate the thought. :)

P.E.T. Projects said...

OMG!!! *faints


#Note2Self: I must practice this 'seek and ye shall find' more often :)

Naijamum in L. said...

Thanks for the mention. Really appreciated.

Like your point on 'classmate/colleague/neighbour that isn’t exactly the most eloquent or outspoken in the group' Too true

Isnt it funny how the unpopular kids in school often outshine the 'popular ones' later on inlife?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, appearance can be deceptive.. & first impression ain't always right...until we get close to a person on one to one basis, then we might find what really makes them tick.

The Corner Shop said...

We have to give it up for those two with their consistency oh. The only word i remember X is for is xylophone lol.

And it's true-everyone has something special to offer. Everyone


kitkat said...

Yea you're so right, we shouldnt overlook or look down on people because they arent as assertive or dont come off as spunky as we do. Everyone has that special je ne sais quoi about them.
lovely post..xx

Chizy K said...

lol... am clapping 4 dem. hope u c me. yeah it aint easy 2 b consistent

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for the mention. It has really been an exercise to keep going, lol...

Okeoghene said...

I love the lessons you outlined from the challenge. Being consistent and dedicated to a cause needs passion and that passion most times is what motivates more than the price to be received at the end.

os said...

On point. Being passive should not be taken for mediocrity. I like this post.

A-9ja-Great said...

Hey dear,funny enough i'm just seeing this.*bows head in shame*
Anyways,i still posed for the paparazzis sha plus i gave out autographs.Thanks a millie for the encouragement,it mean so much! *hugs*

P.E.T. Projects said...

9ja Great: You're welcome dear!