Monday, December 6, 2010

The Experience 2010

'The Experience', a brain child of  the House on the Rock Church was held at the Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos last friday. People of all age brackets and from all works of life left their homes under the same excuse but for different reasons to attend what has now become the biggest gospel concert in Nigeria.

Originally convened by Pastor Paul Adefarasin, the interdenominational concert was well attended, and it was so much fun to spend 11 hours (7pm - 6am) in God's presence (nose grows longer).

Ok... I wasn't there but I kept tabs on the programme via twitter!

Cross Section of the crowd @ the event in 2009 - There was an estimated 500,000 people in attendance

Truth is, like the last 4 editions, I had plans to attend but for some reason, I always ended up somewhere else! This year, it was my bed!

I do not believe in tagging along just cos it feels cool and everyone's doing it. I'll rather go home to my bed than spend a better part of the night fighting to stay awake. 

Considering the number of updates that poured in on twitter and facebook while the concert was on, I realised alot of young people are fast becoming journalists of some sort. Hardly is there any event that doesnt get narrated on these social networks. From football matches, to weddings, award shows, even church services; there'll be someone giving minute - by - minute commentary of proceedings.

I may not have experienced 'the Experience' (pun intended) but I marvel at what it is fast becoming. I see pictures and clips of the event and I cant help but notice the 'fashionistas' on parade; they have yet again found a platform to showcase all they bought at Lé Petité Marché.

A colleague of mine decided to attend this year because he wanted to boost his chances of meeting a 'spiritual sister'... different strokes they say!

The worst of them all, I think, is my friend who got her strict father's approval, only to leave the venue for the club with her boyfriend. She says she was only 'maximising her time', but yet, she thinks I'm not very dedicated to gospel things because I have neither been to The Experience nor *Effizy night. KMT. 

*Effizy night is another gospel concert. It is organised by Daystar Christian Centre


Mbabazi said...

this is just like the new years oernight .sometimes its actually like plot to go and meet at church and then spread out anf do all the other "fun" things.. we should be carefull to seek God and not get lost i the crowd.

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

i went for the experience last year and i must say i enjoyed it so well. this year couldn't make it. i guess its just like church where we have different people, with their different reasons of coming to church. the bottom line is that i go to church because i want to learn something new, refreshing about God.
keep up the good work, and i like your blog. my blog is i hope you will follow it to..loll.

LG said...

eyaa' wish i was in lag, wldnt v missd it, next yr sha *fingers crossed*

btw: kirk k didnt come??? omoge otojo meta o, how r u???

Roc said...

Saw this on TV.. The experience.. First time as well. Never heard of it.

Used to go to Daystar when I was back in Naija, so I wonder what their event is like?

Lol @ maximising time. People come up with whatever excuse justifies their behaviour..

PS. What does KMT mean?

P.E.T. Projects said...

Mbabazi: cross-over service is another kettle of fish....gist for another day

LG: I'm doing great oh... so now that u're not in town, make sure u bring plenty of goodies on ur return oh.

Roc: Daystar organises Effizy nite with a dresscode of red and jeans. The idea is for people to praise God and pray all night. Usually there are comedians in attendance to spice up the night. However most pple use it as an opportunity for 'effizy' (show off/hook up)

KMT = Kiss My teeth (its an internet slang. its said in response to someone who has just said/done sth stupid...basically to show u disapprove of it)

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ibifiri: thanks. Dont worry, I'll stop by to get a feel of da secret lilies

Anonymous said... know something?...i don't like when people use the name of GOD to promote something secular!

Lets call a spade a spade & no other name! This is not different from the usual concerts or gathering by organizers....alas! Kirk didn't come afterall abi?....WHO ARE WE DECEIVING ABEGI?

Truth be told, i hardly follow all these religious programmes or crusades or concerts becox it all boils down to ENTERTAINMENT PERIOD!

doll said...

went for the 2nd and 3rd.i have officially hung my booths....i dont do well with crowd

Anonymous said...

The 1st one i was eventually attended. Twas awesome.

Especially liked when 'Days of Elijah' was sung.