Friday, December 17, 2010

Fatal Attraction 2

Compliments of the season dear bloggers.
Thank you all for checking out my e-house from time to time, and for all the comments. God bless you!

This is the concluding part of FATAL ATTRACTION. As you may have imagined, I had the chat with him and well, here's an excerpt:

Me: there are 2 reasons am very angry with you today and We need to talk about it ASAP
Archy O: wetin I do oh madam
Me: aint a laughtin matter
Archy O: if u are not laughin den d wrld is in trouble
Me: hey, i’m serious
Archy O: reali? Oya wetin
Me: first i’m still waitin for the software but that’s trivia
Archy O: oya tell me d one dat’ll gimme cardiac arrest
Me:the text u sent me last night
Would u pls ensure u never send me a text like that again
And im serious
Archy O:I dint min it dat way oooooo
Me:Look Tunde listen, i’m not jokin here, wld u pls be serious
Archy O:ah ah PET PROJECTS u cant be vexing now
Me: I am
Archy O: u’re serious?
Am so sorry, rili i am and it wont hppn again
I swear
Me:i value our friendship and i find it disturbin that it may seem like a threat to ur relationship
I dont want that to happen so pls
Archy O: im truly very sorry
Pls forgive,
Me: k, apology accepted
So how was ur day and where’s my software?

So, that was the conversation, I made sure to save it so you all could analyse on my behalf. I thought it through and I just knew he didn't get the message. Although I planned to give him space, we still had to meet up over the weekend (I'm planning the wedding remember?).

When I arrived at his apartment, everything looked normal, then at some point we get to be alone and he says he's really pissed off at me, can you believe it? I was, to say the least, gobsmacked! How dare he?

He goes on to say, I'm acting immature, he thought I was different from most girls he knew and that having a fiancée doesn't translate to keeping away from all his female friends. Hmph...
The conversation died prematurely when she (the fiancée) walked in a few minutes later.

Consequently, I have stylishly avoided him since then, my excuse being 'work', fortunately, he knows that December is the busiest period for us so there isn't much explaining needed.

I am an analog babe in a digital world... yes you read that right! Where relationships are concerned, I believe when you're committed to someone, you stay committed to them, especially when you have promised forever. Its wrong to start looking for a side plate when the main dish is all yours. 'Nuff said. 

Do have a lovely weekend y'all.


LG said...


yesso prevention is beta than lapa-lapa, i cant shout
*sigh* he even has a fiancee, mennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :(

P.E.T. Projects said...

ROFLMBO @ lapa-lapa
But u're right though... I cant be seen as 'the girl that stole the groom' ... tufiakwa!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand men. Situations like this frustrates me. I think you handled it well and he just like screwing with you. He is enjoying it.

Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson said...

Is he serious or is he having a laugh... You really handled him well. Really pissed at him.... and his fiancée will be so happy, making shakara amongst her friends....

Blessing said...

The guy is madddddd!!!! You gave it to him jare...unfortunately he didn't take u seriously...hisssssss

Just keep doing what ur doing jare...I'm feeling ur "analog girl in a digital world" attitude! Dat's right!!!

I hope ur getting paid for planning his wedding...once he says "I do" I suggest you say "Bye bye"

af said...

very complicated situation.
sounds like this guy is getting cold feet and might not be ready for marriage.
to me it seems as though subconsciously you like the attention from him.

either way i'd stay away from him/her because you don't want to be the cause of their break-up.

great blog btw

P.E.T. Projects said...

Thanks ladies.

@af... been to urs, wot country are u from?

af said...

from the states...

question; if someone wanted to learn a "de facto" Nigerian language, which one should they choose?

P.E.T. Projects said...

AF: Truth is most people say Hausa, and that's because its spoken in other West African Countries, besides, they seem to have a larger population (at least according to the last CENSUS report)

However, for many newbees who end up in Lagos, yoruba language is the quickest to learn, especially because most entertainers use yoruba words.