Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fatal Attraction

I've had such a busy week and its only Tuesday. Yesterday, I left my desk just once and that was because I had to visit the ladies, today, I'm still stuck here. There's just so much to do. Yuletide is peak period for our business and so no one is ever allowed to go on leave in December, however, two of my colleagues are out of the office for this period. One is ill and the other? Well, that's PEJ, my office buddy. She says she's ill too but I know better. Now I have to sit in for her and that's quite a task.

I'm expecting a call that'll help me finish up today's task so I've decided to relax by blogging. I'm also hoping a particular friend of mine would sign in to Y!Mail. There is a serious issue I need to thrash out.

I met this friend of mine last year. We used to take the bus from the same park to the Island everyday... well almost everyday. We had noticed each other but one day when we shared the front seat he decided to say hi. After a few more meetings, we exchanged cards and that was the beginning of our friendship.

We both knew we had a chemistry... now, not that kind of chemistry in which you say to yourself 'if he'll just ask me out, I'll oblige without a fuss', I mean, the type of chemistry in which its just so easy to talk about anything... well, almost anything. We became buddies, riding through Lagos traffic and looking out for each other. For instance, sometimes he'll get to the park minutes earlier and call to find out where I was. If I'm a few minutes away and the bus is still quite empty, he'll reserve the front seat for me (I just love sitting in front, its a lot more comfortable, with leg-room you'll appreciate when you hit traffic).

Over the months, we've gotten to know each other better, we even have mutual friends but that's how far it goes. I am not in a relationship but he has a fiancé and therein lies the root of my present worries...

In as much as I enjoy his company,  I am not attracted to him (not physically/sexually/romantically... add all the other words) and he knows this. However, he can't say the same. I noticed this a while back but I didn't want to end the friendship. I'm friends with his fiancé too, and after seeing what I made out of my cousins' weddings, they decided that I'll plan theirs.

Presently, I see them every weekend to fine-tune the wedding plans and him even more often. It is so obvious he's crushing on me heavily and I don't like it one bit. I mean, this guy would be married in two months, isn't his heart supposed to be fixed on his bride and her alone?

It became a bit more worrying yesterday when as we rode home, he said his fiancé told him she was sure he liked me alot but wasn't bothered because she trusts my judgement and blah blah blah.

At first, I was speechless... I just didn't like the sound of it. I imagined myself in her shoes and it felt so wrong. Although, he assured me that it was nothing and that they had talked about it and there were no 'hard feelings', it still felt awkward. I instantly made a mental note to give him space - I was going to make sure we saw less of each other henceforth, except ofcourse when she's around.

As if that wasn't enough for one night, he sends me a work related text later and ends it with 'luv u'...

ehen? oginni love? (what is love)

I've been waiting for him to sign in, we have to iron this thing out ASAP. This is just unacceptable.


Prism of an immigrant said...

I feel bad for his fiancée. From your post, it sounds like she doesn't really know the type of person she is about to be tied to.

Roc said...

Lol.. Sounds like he wears his heart on his sleeve.
And she knows, so she preempted any assumptions by talking to him about you first.
I doubt anything you say on ymail will make a huge difference. Like you said, space is what's needed.

Anonymous said...

An awkward situation no doubt....

No hard feelings?....from whom?..him? or his fiancee?

He must have a good rapport with his fiancee....to talk about you without she getting jealous or angry towards you....which shows maturity on her part.

Am glad you are not attracted to him in any way & please keep your distance from him in future... becox he might soon start to play the 'pity' card....which is a dangerous ground for any woman.

Don't e-mail or call him....just let it frizzle out naturally.

P.E.T. Projects said...

I'm doing all I can to give him space, we had the Ymail chat already, I'll let you know what happened as soon as I can do a full post.
Thanks guys

Daughter of Her King said...

i agree with nitty

Anonymous said...

The consistency of communion makes the heart grow fonder.

"ehen? oginni love?..."