Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Twitter: The New Slam Book

Last night as I rode home in traffic twitting, I was reminded of a popular high school culture, which had the reputation of either increasing or dropping one's social ratings - the Slam book.

The Slam book is a book created to elicit people's opinions about you. First, the owner writes out random questions such as favourite colour/subject/movie/actor etc, and then he/she passes the book to friends who are expected to answer truthfully. The fun of the game is usually in finding out who was crushing on who, who were secret admirers, who has been stealing kisses and with who etc.

Note that, the owner ensures no one is able to read responses from others, so automatically, you alone get to compare notes and be in the know of all underground 'runs'. However, most times there are more than one slam book in rotation so as expected, one can swap tales with 'trusted' friends later. The irony of this is, the story usually gets out in the end.

Now back to twitter...

Yesterday, the Number game was trending on twitter. Your followers were expected to choose a number, which they send to you via DM (direct message) and in return you must state the number (no name) and what you honestly think about the person on your timeline.

As expected, there were all sorts of responses, I would like to share some of the comments I got. I'm sorry I would love to just copy and paste but those with FBI/CIA inclinations would uncover my identity and I don’t want that. Hence, I'm just going to retype, so here we go:

(1) One of the most hardworking babes I know, tenacious just like me. Am I allwd to say I luv u.
(I met him at the library many years ago and we've kept in touch, nothing special)

(2) Ahhhh oni jogbon, lemme go back and think sha, but u cool babes.
(Meaning: troublemaker... well I hate being bored so I try to pull people I'm cool with out of their shell, I guess that's why I'm a troublemaker to her)

(3) You'r such a 1derfl prsn, sarcasticaly funny, beautifl evn w/out makeup, may ur hdwk pay.
(Ok, the truth is, I'm not a huge make-up fan. My daily look entails making my lips kissable, although I don’t subscribe to dramatic colours. You'll catch me with make up only when there's a party to attend, even at that, I don’t do colour separations)

(4) I used 2 thnk u were stuck up til dat beach parry last yr, do y remmbr. I kno berra now
(I don't make friends that easily, I'ld rather work on keeping the few I have. To alot of people, that's being stuck up. Truth is, after a few experiences, I've learnt to choose my friends and not let them choose me... I'm happier for it. )

(5) I liked you but then you like my friend more, I had to let go I wouldn't do that to a bruv
(What?! I thought this guy was just in a class all by himself, you know... like he was reserved, shy and all that... and he's such a fine boy oh... funny thing is, this friend he's referring to is a distant relation. *sigh*)

(6) I admir ur dtermintn 2 succed but u'v got 2 start livin more --> no beef
(Thanks, I'm doing that but your definition of work-life balance is different from mine)

(7) Girl u sure nid 2 get laid den u'l see life is not ant filosofy, #truetalk
(It’s his opinion and he's entitled to it. Celibacy works for me and I don’t have to be accountable to him or anyone for that matter. BTW, he DMed later to say he was wasted, however, I think Twitter gave him an opportunity to spill his gut, something he wouldn't normally do. I know cos the time of his twit was 7:42pm... he was barely out of the office)

(8) One of d most confident person i hav met in my lifetime, a darling sweet and tender, very easy 2 relate when u are not dodging me anyway
(I refused to date him a while back and he wasn't mad about it... or maybe he was, but doesn’t show it)

(9) I sense a strongwilled lady, thats a turn on 4 me, but since Im married, well
(I'll have to be careful around this guy now that I know)

(10) U kno hw I fil abiut u but make I still talk am, u dey giv me boner
(In case you don’t know what that is, it means I give him a standing ovation also known as an erection. I don't know what to do about this guy, he's just a pain in a sweet way. I see him at Domino diners, we say hello, he's extremely funny, and he’ll say how he feels any day)

(11) I love ur smil n dats y u'r stil my profilpix. I'm workn on my drinkn issues so I can come and marry u, will u wait
(I have friends who drink, and heavily too but I have a problem with dating a guy who drinks... is that double standard or am I just looking for a bit of my dad... food for thought. As for this dude, I'll be long gone by the time he drops the bottle)

(12) Big thinker, smart woman, I used to thnk u dnt get angry till dat day, i dnt wnt 2 ever c dat day. beaufiful smile 
(I won’t be human if nothing made me angry. I'm slow to anger but people tend to take advantage of my smiling face)

(13) I envy yr lifestyle, notin bothers u. I jsut hope u’ll stop livin 4 odas n concentrate on findn love cos u dserv it
(If only you knew... somethings bother me but over the years, I've learnt never to wear my worries as make up. These days, I live a little for others and I never forget to put myself on the list. I know I'll find love... and when I do, expect an invite)

(14) I wish I can steal a kiss someday. or a peck
(If wishes were horses, this dude will buy a stable)
(15) I used 2 fink u were introvertd til i saw u @ sis B hen night. cnt fgt d ass giggle
(I loooooove dancing and that's all I'm saying)

Okay, so I'll stop here, have a nice day y'all.
Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...i don't twitter though i have an account, seldom visit fb & don't even bother to see Hi5!...

I find them boring!

monologues.....irrelevant talks or issues....i was first excited becox it was social networking but i got bored with the whole stuff...Hi5 is the worst sef!...*grinning*

Soory dearie, i don't understand all what you are trying to explain no vex o. Am folowing you now & commented on the other posts. TNX

P.E.T. Projects said...

Ok NG, no probs, I know a lot of people cant stand Twitter but its one of the things that gets me thru traffic so i love it.

Imma stop by @urs so keep the jokes on gear 5

Naijamum said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Like Nitty, Twitter is not my thing but I'm now following you so I look forward to more posts.
Thanks again

Roc said...

Oh so that's what those number things were about on twitter..
Saw it but didn't have a clue what was going on..

P.E.T. Projects said...

yea Roc that was the game oh