Friday, November 12, 2010

Oleku - I'm feeling, feeling the boy yeah...

I really do not like Rap music, however for some strange reason I love Jay-Z and I guess whatever it is that got me listening to him was what endeared me to M.I. and the Chocolate city boys. I like when I can dance to the beats of a song even when I don't know the lyrics (yet).

While I still haven't gotten around to knowing all M.I.'s songs, Ice Prince's Oleku has become a mantra since I first heard it in September. Produced by Jesse Jagz and featuring Brymo, this song, amongst others, gets me through traffic everyday. If you still haven't heard it, then click on the link below. 


Roc said...

Dope song..
With mainstream appeal.

Blessing said...

I heart this song plenty!