Monday, November 1, 2010

Mr I Dont Know Lagos Well

Hi y’all,
Hope the weekend was fun filled. I’m happy ManUtd won their match against Tottenham at least we’re still 3rd on the table.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with this guy I met during the last diet of the professional exam I’m writing. Dude has called me at least twice every week since we met in early October, but I never call back. I know someone’s going to say that’s not good enough but I just don’t call people except I feel there’s something to say. Is that a bad thing? Please let me know.

Anyway, I could tell the guy wanted something all along but I guess he summoned up courage yesterday. So after the usual boring how was the weekend?, did you go to church?, he veered off and asked what do you feel about other tribes? Knowing what he getting at, I simply said, Ohh, the Japanese and Chinese have this confusing look but if you try hard enough you’ll know the difference, I’m not a great fan of their cuisine anyway, but they’re hardworking. Lol

I’m sure I caught him off guard, cos next thing was this loooong silence, dude didn’t say anything until I asked, next question? And then he asked if I would date someone from another tribe (he specified Nigeria this time around), how many people have I dated, am I in a relationship, how soon would I want to get married, and wait for this... am I a virgin?

Wise people of blogsville, I think I’m still very old school so please educate me, is this what is obtainable in the new hip-world? Shouldn’t he be trying simple/normal conversations first and not this questions that’ll make the list for the questionnaire of a dating agency? I don’t have a lot of experience but thus far, I think the modus operandi has been: meet the girl, talk about general things like work, hobbies, entertainment/society etc, find out as much as you can and then gently navigate into all the ‘I like you/I wanna be with you story?!’.

To think that this guy has seen me just once, probability that he’ll not recognise me if I walked past him is 50-50, yet he expects that I’ll come pay him a visit because he is fairly new in Lagos, doesn’t know the part of town that I live. This according to him is because he has been the one calling so in return I should reciprocate by making the trip, he’ll appreciate it because, ‘he really likes me and he thinks we’ll be good together’? Gosh... I wish I was standing there in front of him and not on the other end of the line, so I could slap the taste outta his mouth. Anyway, I advised him to go to the nearest local government office and ask for a map!

It’s so annoying when I meet people like this cos all I can think of is why they didn’t just remain in the village where all the ‘maidens’ will fall at their feet and travel across 3 rivers over a period of 21 market days just because of 8 phone calls which totals to about 10mins!

For about 2 hours thereafter, all I did was think about this dating thing... again! I’m not desperate or anything, I’ll really like to be married by December 2012 (that’s if the world doesn’t end like Hollywood has depicted... lol). But really, I can’t jump right in at just any guy that says what’s up. I believe so much in love and even though there’s all the scary tales out there, I can’t and won’t stop believing.

The other day I was having a conversation with my ex (ESO) and then he asked where my boyfriend was taking me for my birthday. As soon as I told him I wasn’t in a relationship, he launched into the sermon about how I’m just so picky/choosy about the kind of guy I want to date and..... infact i’ll tell you all about ESO in my next blog.



Seshe James said...

Please follow my blog for latest stories....

Mbabazi said...

hehehe. is see someone is having a hard time with guys , SO im just excited to find a fellow young blogger like ME ..its gona be a nice be there.

PET projects said...

@Mbabazi...hard time? that was then. Now im just pampering me and enjoyin spinsterhood while it lasts
@Seshea... thanx for stopping by

Roc said...

Lol.. You take style harsh sha..

Fluffycutething said...

Can't believe i have only just discovered this juicy blog "since all these days" LOL

Kai na the things wey person eye dey see in the "find a husband race" be that oh LMAO...
Na wa

Anonymous said...

"...why they didn’t just remain in the village..." well, in this case, he believed (with great faith for emphasis) that once he met whom he desired (oops, you), your answer shall be 'yea & amen'