Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful... notwithstanding.

Hi y'all,

Its another Monday, the beginning of a week that has promised to be short (Tuesday & Wednesday are public holidays). Hope your weekend was funfilled?

I'm just here, sitting at my desk with not enough to do. Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing on this job. Simply put, I'm underutilizing my skills, I know you'ld say I should move on out, trust me, I'm trying!

I did not intend to spend more than 6 months on this job, the plan was to return to school for an M.Sc. I had applied and was offered an admission only to find out on receiving the letter that the Faculty had changed the programme to part-time study because there were only a handful of students seeking full time study, so I declined and decided to keep searching for another job while awaiting the next session. Recruitment process for my dream job takes about a year (that's what we were told), I have since completed 4 stages with just 2 to go. Hopefully before year end, I'll get in!

While I wait, I have to try and be happy on my present job. My colleagues think I'm the luckiest of all,just because I got promoted in record time and I have priority over the pool car. The office allows full internet access all day till when the 'boys' finally decide to go home, dress code is casual smart and lunch break is anytime from noon (meaning I can dash out and shop for 2 hours without consequences).

I work in a male dominated industry hence, I have over 30 male colleagues and 4 female ones of which 2 are bosses. This means that asides from working smart to meet set goals, I also have to deal with different shades and sizes of ego! Year 2008 was wonderful, profit rose by 120% but now we're in huge debts. Like most Nigerian entreprenuers, the bosses squandered all the profits on luxury cars and trips abroad.

While I am not against enjoying the fruits of your labour, I'm of the opinion that ploughing back your earnings into the business would guarantee continual shopping sprees abroad in years to come. Right now, salaries have been cut by 25%, people have been laid off and pressure is continually being mounted on the Business Development Unit where I am. As I think about these things, I just want to scream and complain some more, but then, I remember there are 15 million jobless people in Nigeria... I am grateful for my life!


Prism of an immigrant said...

I hope you get into your dream job, it can get annoying when your skills are not been harnessed the way they should be.

LOL about your bosses mismanaging the profits...I know I shouldn't be laughing, but the way you stated it was funny. Seriously though, that is bad of them, but what can you say. Now the workers are suffering the consequences of their indiscretion :-(

P.E.T. Projects said...

Thanks Prism, I faith is stronger than Zuma and Olumo rock combined. Surely, someday soon, i'll be singing right here

shaaka said...

I know the feeling of being under utilised. Have been Planning to leave my job but had no where to go so am applying for a MA in Creative Media and hopefully when am done i hope to start my own production house since market is ripe here in UG.

At the end of the day though you have a check at the end of the day and not hand me downs so its best to count your blessings and be grateful.

All the best in getting that dream job. positive attitude will get you there for sur.

P.E.T. Projects said...

Thanks Shaaka, best of luck on the MA application. And yes, i'll keep counting my blessings!