Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Senatorial Bill & Silverbird @ 30

My sincere appreciation to everyone who has stopped by to feel my pulse.God bless you real good.

Last weekend I was listening to the news and there was a mention about activities of the National Assembly (NASS). Can you believe those guys? They are trying to pass a bill that would fuel their selfishness for life. This bill, if passed into law, would ensure that life allowances are paid to all past Presidents, Military leaders, Senate Presidents, Speakers of the House of Representatives, the Deputies (vices) of all the above as well as past Chief Justices!  The bill stipulates that “the allowances specified in this section shall be applied for the upkeep of the spouse and education of the children…up to the university level. For the avoidance of doubt, the allowance shall cease upon the death of the last spouse of the office holder.”

This means that asides from the billions that leave the national treasury unaccounted for, these honourable chair throwers and distinguished kung-fu fighters want to secure their wasteful habits up to the 10th generation! Why am I even surprised, afterall these were
the people whom last year shouted down a bill meant to care for the old and disabled with their thunderous nay. Why should anyone ask to give free money to a man (Buhari & Co) who came into power by bloodshed (coup) or to a woman who used tax payers’ money to fund a birthday celebration (Patricia Etteh)?
Since the law stipulates that the President must assent (sign) a bill before it becomes a law, I patiently await his response. He alone can rescue us from the foolishness of these honourables.

Moving on, I watched the celebration of Silverbird Group @ 30 over the weekend and I could not help but notice certain things.

Discipline and persistence pays. It’s better to fail at something than not to have tried at all.

In all you do, never kick against the government in power, you’ll only get your foot broken in the process. When they disappoint and make unfavourable policies (as they are wont to), re-strategise without changing your value system. You will achieve set goals; it may only take a while longer.

As I figured out, Mr Ben Murray-Bruce has been relevant through all regimes since 1980. Not because he has always been favoured by their policies, but because his goals have been flexible enough to accommodate them without derailing. If you need another example, go read up about Alhaji Aliko Dangote.

Lastly, the power of oratory cannot be overlooked. The most influential men of our time and decades past have been known to give thought provoking and mind boggling speeches. As you move up your career ladder, learn the use of words and the command of language. If it doesn’t earn you a promotion or that new job, it might save your political career or like we all saw at the anniversary gala, get the President to officially commit $200billion to the industry where you earn your living (in the case of Mr Ben Murray-Bruce, the entertainment industry.


Roc said...

Can't believe they'll be so inconsiderate.
And they still won't agree a pay rise for civil servants minimum wages.

P.E.T. Projects said...

My thot exactly Roc. These Senators get over 20million every month asides from constituency votes and miscellaneous allowances, why then is it so difficult to increase minimum wage by N1,000?