Friday, October 15, 2010

The Birth of P.E.T. Projects

Wow... finally, I’m doing this!
The decision to blog did not come easy. I have always had love for literature, at some point I wanted to be a columnist, and then I wanted to write a book. However, these wishes never saw the light of day.
Being a columnist meant you had to have something to say every week – something thought provoking or educating or at least hilarious, else, your editor would gladly kick you out for lack of creativity.
As regards writing a book, my stories never seemed to have an end. After reading silhouettes, Danielle Steel and all the others all through the years, I kept on looking for more suspense to add. I guess the suspense gave the stories a hard time to breathe and they ended up with heart attack, needless to say they died prematurely!
It’s my birthday today and my gift to myself is the birth of P.E.T. Projects. I don’t attend A-list socialite events so don’t expect pictures from the red carpet; I’m not a fashionista so I can’t give you updates on the latest trends. However, I am human, and I have feelings. Feelings I am willing to share!



LG said...

(dont be afraid, i jst 'dis-virgined ur blog :)

*welcome to blogville dear

LG said...

n happy birthday too *cheers!

Myne Whitman said...

Happy birthday dear and welcome to blogville! This is a nice layout and I look forward to your posts...

P.E.T. Projects said...

(dudu ke du, du ke, dudu ke du, du ke) that's the sound of the disco beats going on in my head. the reason is cos on ma first day i have 3 comments. Thank you. i hope i get enough inspiration to continue.

'Aunty' LG and 'Mummy' Myne Whitman, you too are so good with this blogging thing that im almost certain it was part of ur courses in Uni.
Anyway thank you soooooooo much for stopping by.