Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forever Young!

Last week was my birthday and because it was a Friday, everyone thought I must have made huge plans... they were soooo wrong!
A few minutes before midnight I drifted asleep, I was so tired, my joints ached all over. At exactly 00:00am, I heard Jay Z singing to me, that was to be the first of many other calls before dawn... gosh! Thanks to all the callers, but next time please let me sleep a little. Well, I guess they were just paying me in my own coin.
Fast forward, 8:15am, I arrive at the office and the following takes place
Miss. HR: (lets out a shout...) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh, you’re looking really good today
Me: Thank you. (but in my mind i’m thinking - Well, what do you expect and why are you trying to be nice, it doesn’t fit you.... mschew! )
The happy birthdays keep coming in from my colleagues with no one offering anything (can you imagine), except for PEJ. She’s such a sweet heart and we just naturally gel like bread and butter.
9am, my phone rings and its ROE again (he was the first caller at midnight). He wants to know if i’ll do lunch with him. I say a few em em em and finally agree. ROE and I have been friends since secondary, our story has a few twists and turns but we still manage to have civil conversations.
I tried so hard to work but the phone calls, SMSs twitter/facebook messages wouldn’t let me. At some point I had about 16 friends trying to chat with me on yahoo (I thought most offices put a ban on social networking sites during office hours... ahhhh, blackberry to the rescue!). As I sat at my desk reading KAY9’s corner and LMAOing at LG’s posts, I got a call from frontdesk office, ‘PET, you have a visitor’, before I could ask any question, she hung up (our frontdesk officer can be a little uncultured sometimes but I let it go because she’s a married woman).
Down the stairs and into the lobby.... there they were... 2 cakes – one from ATA my bff from Uni and the other from Anonymous. So i’m standing there, looking at the cakes, surprised at ATA’s gesture (he doesn’t have a job yet and has been complaining about being broke for a while) and wondering who Anonymous can be. I should have asked my friend Mary but she resigned from cakes and creams last month.
By noon my colleagues had demolished the cake from ATA, I wouldn’t let anyone touch the other – ‘what if it was delivered to me in error’, I thought. Just then, my phone rang yet again and anonymous was revealed – ESO – what was he thinking sending me a cake? (gist on ESO soon)
The lunch date with ROE never happened, his boss made him attend an impromptu meeting. Poor guy... as for me, I couldn’t be bothered.
Time was passing quickly and everything seemed perfect, until.... I fell.
Yes oh... I was heading to PEJ’s office to gist when I slipped on the stairs and fell. I was just so lucky I didn’t *‘wounjur’. Ah... I stood up sharply (before anyone saw me) made my way back to my seat.
5.30pm couldn’t have come early enough. I got a friend to take me home (with the other cake) but we ended up at Domino, Sabo – Yaba where 6 other friends were waiting. My ribs almost fell out from laughing out at their jokes.
10.15pm – I’m home and by 11.45pm, I hit my bed bringing my most uneventful birthday ever to an end. Truth is, it wasn’t my fault... blame it on the collabo of malaria and flu. Notwithstanding, I’m glad to be alive and grateful for all the love shown me.

*Wounjur (pidgin) = wound + injure


LG said...

LOL@ ur translation of Woundjur... for which dictionary

btw: ur bday wasnt un-eventful, remember d stair case incident??? :)
norrin do u jare

*glad to see u r catching up (lots of new posts)

P.E.T. Projects said...

I'm trying to try and make it weekly but hmmmm (no excuse) i just get carried away while reading people's blog.

rocnaija said...

You browse facebook, twitter, and yahoo messenger while at work????

Sould I send me CV?

Pet projects said...

Rocnaija... i dont even like my job. Free internet is compensation for the boredom

Anonymous said...

"Last week was my birthday..." ...and exactly 2weeks from now will be your birthday.