Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weddings Everywhere

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Hope you all are enjoying the week? 

After months of planning and plenty of spending, my cousin tied the nuptial knot on Saturday. I had applied for one day casual leave since two weeks ago and it was only granted on Thursday, so as early as 5.45am on Friday, I headed out of Lagos.

I have been travelling fortnightly since June to help with the planning. We are first cousins, she being the last in her family and I being the closest companion so it was essential for me to arrive early. Planning a wedding isn’t easy oh... no wonder it’s a full time occupation for many.

We made several phone calls trying to tidy up loose ends, headed out to the tailor where we dropped off the Maid of Honour (MoH) who needed to have her gown adjusted (I’m still wondering why we can get ready made clothes that fit off the rack in stores but tailors who take measurements and design from scratch never get it together at once). At about 2.30 we began the drive across town to NYSC office where the bride needed to sign some papers so as to secure her allowance for the month. The drive took about 35minutes only for my dear cousin to remember on arrival that she had left the file containing the documents needed at home - did I tell you that neither of us had had anything to eat all day?

So we drove back home, pick the document and headed back, it was just a miracle that the NYSC official were still signing when we returned at 4:30pm (civil servants close at 4pm and even earlier on Fridays).

NYSC issues sorted out, we headed back to the tailor to get the MoH and then it happened! The plan was that as soon as we arrived at the tailor’s, my cousin would dash out to buy us something from the eatery nearby while I go get the MoH. Just as we packed, she jumped down and started running off while I was locking up... and then I saw it.


Yeeepaaripaaaaaaa! How come? I swung into damage control mode. We got back to the tailor’s shop and fixed the damage (I carry spare pads in my bag whether I need it or not). Our bride claimed she wasn’t due until Monday, how can the red letter just deliver on Friday? Next we had to look for maternity pads at least they are super absorbents and would last longer than the usual sanitary pads. It was almost 7pm when we arrived home.

The other bridesmaids were getting their nails done (we planned to wear pink nail coats), we were still awaiting for 3 of the groomsmen who were coming in from Lagos. Shortly afterwards, they arrived and it was time to rehearse our dance. The bride wanted us to dance to Kokoroko by Kefee ft Timaya, the choreographer was the bomb, I loved the routine.

Dance practice over, we sang, prayed and bade the groomsmen goodnight... but the night wasn’t over just yet.... ladies gist continued till about 2am. The wedding turned out successful, everything was on point, except that our groom’s earlier bragging was not matched by his dance.

On the eve of the wedding, one of the groomsmen had been trying to chat me up, but I was too busy catering to the bride’s many needs. He wangled his way to my side in church, but again I was too busy dancing, finally as we cleaned up after the reception, he offered to ‘help’ me.

He sounded nice and witty, a practicing doctor (that would score him additional points with my dad). I really don’t like wedding hook ups but as I’m beginning to think seriously about this relationship thing, maybe I shouldn’t shut out any options, abi?

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Blessing said...

Hey you never know! He was pretty persistent...and he's a doctor!!