Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Introducing P.E.T.

Ehen, after my first and second posts, I felt like an uncultured child. You know that feeling you get when you start a debate without saying Good day panel of judges, accurate time keeper, bla bla bla. The reason was because I started out on a rather boring note. I’m a new blogger and of all the things that got me excited I had to pick the story of the Corrupt elder and the MTN advert to bore you all. Anyway, I’m sorry. Today, I’ll be introducing me.
Have you ever met someone and you just think they must be very religious, over studious, brave/daring but socially outgoing? Well, that’s what you’ll think when you meet me, but then, I know different.
8 of every 10 people I meet have a misconception about who I am. Whether it is positive or negative, I can’t be bothered! So who am I?
I am a... on second thought I won’t tell you anything, if I do, it will take the fun away so keep reading and gradually you will find pieces of the jigsaw which you can then put together.
Ok, sneak peak... i’m single and fun loving with a borderless imagination!
I can’t say I know all about me... I discover new things everyday but as sure as the existence of heaven is the fact that I am continually evolving but the underlying principles remain the same! (Ok, I stole that from an old love... details about that in subsequent quotes)

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Anonymous said...

"I am a... on second thought..." well, you write beautifully.