Friday, October 29, 2010

Chronic Lounging

Hi Blogsville,
I’m so happy it’s Friday; the week didn’t seem to move fast enough. I’m so happy that I won’t be waking up at 4:45am tomorrow, no deadlines to meet, no crazy traffic, no bus conductor noise, and then no heels. I really don’t understand why women wear heels, I’m sure its Marilyn Munroe’s fault but I love my heels oh... they make me walk smarter so I guess I can bear the discomfort it brings every now and then.
Anyway, this week was boring at work. My routine included, reading blogs, twitting, gisting with my colleague PEJ about marriage, checking my official mails and replying if the need arises and then reading blogs again, again and again.
TGIF, I planned I was going to stay home and rest tomorrow just as I do on sanitation Saturdays (every last Saturday of the month), but I think that’s going to change since environmental sanitation has been cancelled. Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola (Lagos State) says it’s to allow students writing the *NECO exam reach their centres in good time. Good luck to everyone in that category.
Next month will also be sanitation free (I can’t remember the reason), I’m looking forward to the public holidays sef, at least, there’ll be 2-day Sallah holiday either on 18th and 19th or 19th and 22nd. **President GEJ may send us home for 2days to register with ***INEC or maybe not. I heard he’s a workaholic who doesn’t like holidays. No wonder we didn’t get any during the independence celebration.
My boss has left the office, she said, ‘see you on Monday’ that means more blogging for me. She’s meeting ‘the girls’ for lunch at Terra Culture (things bigz girls do during office hours).
BTW, ‘the girls’ are women in their 40s, each with at least one child in Uni.
May you all be good looking, fulfilled and successful enough to be ‘the girls’ at quarter to 50years.
I pray that Manchester United beats Tottenham tomorrow, and that all the bloggers I have heard/read about who are on French leave would resume, at their duty post and that Qmoney and all other expectant bloggers would have a safe delivery.
Have a lovely weekend!

*NECO = National Examination Council.
**President GEJ =  President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.
***INEC = Independent National Electoral Commission.
The Insert image option finally worked today, I hope I can always find good images to make my blog a little more friendly.


rocnaija said...

So please confess, what's the secret to your prayers??
Cos Man United won, even though it was by backhand means..

P.E.T. Projects said...

Lol... Rocnaija, i didnt even say an actual prayer but i guess those boys are beginnin to come back to their senses after all the fumbling at the start of the season.

Thanks for stoppin by n droppin a line!

P.E.T. Projects said...
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QMoney said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW,jus seein dis..thanks gal

Anonymous said...

"...Qmoney and all other expectant bloggers..." the prayers have since been answered.