Thursday, October 28, 2010

Weddings Everywhere II

I’ve been thinking about weddings, love, relationships and everything related lately, don’t blame me, I think it’s just because most of my friends are getting married.
In July, my friend from uni got married reducing the number of single ladies from our study group to 3. Earlier this month, a friend from primary school tied the knot, next was my cousin and then another cousin is due in November.
Asides from the accumulating aso - ebi and bridal train gowns, my single status keeps popping up especially because people have made me their business. At such parties you hear things like, ‘so when will yours be’, ‘ire na akari (the joy will go round)’.
Aunties, uncles and friends bring it up every now and then. They expect that ‘he’ will accompany you or at least drop you off at every event. My parents are not relenting either, while my dad drops subtle hints, mum uses every avenue as a point of reminder. For instance, I might buy her something or credit her account, instead of a simple thank you, she’ll just launch into prayer mode, something like this:
Oko ti e lo ma fe (you’ll marry your own husband)
Oko to maa ke e, to maa ge e (a husband that’ll cherish you, that’ll pamper you)
Ooni sile wo (you won’t marry into the wrong family)
I don’t mind the prayers; it’s the sermons that get to me. Especially when she tells me to open my eyes and be receptive.
Lately, it seems I’ve been meeting the wrong kind of guys – married, engaged or unserious. I’m not willing to start doing all the things those silly books recommend, I think it’s just too much stress so I’ve resolved to prayers, faith and hope.
Like I told an ex recently, you were good enough for the role once, the standards are not too high so no need lowering them. The good thing is, I’ve consciously studied myself and I know what I’m looking for so I guess all that’s left is to look out for them in the people I meet, *chikena!


rocnaija said...

The prayers come on cue at every event..

Interesting you say, "I know what I’m looking for so I guess all that’s left is to look out for them in the people I meet, *chikena!"

..if only.

Blessing said...

Girrrllll...I feel you! I get the prayers all the time and for every holiday!

God will surely answer you, in his time! Best of luck there...